Extension division

Extension division of ETC continuously disseminates the agricultural technologies to all stakeholders related to agriculture through different extension approaches in major irrigation schemes scattered as six inter- provincial areas (Ampara, Anuradhapura, Hambantota, Hasalaka, Moneragala, Polonnaruwa). In addition to that policy intervention for extension activities and the development activities, such as coordination of PTWG, conducting seasonal conferences, establishment of “Hela Bojun” shops and distribution of inputs etc. and also carried out in Island wide through special projects. There are sub units in extension division for coordinating extension & development activities namely; Paddy, OFC, Fruits & Vegetables, Plant Protection, Bee keeping, Women Agriculture Extension, Young Farmers Club, Plant nutrition & Organic fertilizer, Climate Sustainable Agriculture and Irrigation Management, Mobile Extension, Tobacco cultivation control.


Cordination of Inter-Provincial and district extension programmes and other related development programmes for domestic food production and promotion


  • To provide facilities required for efficient extension service to the satalite stations scattered islandwide,adopting modern extension and communication methods 
  • To enhance production and productivity of crop production through monitoring ,supervision and following up the food production process at national level.
  • To enhance the income of women through the farm women entrepreneurship promotion programmes
  • To further strengthen the movement of young farmers’club,and to direct youths to the agriculture sector through strenthening,monitoring and supervision of their activities at field level.


  • Supervision & Coordination of units under Addl. Director (Ext.)
     Implement Annual Action plans of IP areas
  • Conduct Progress Review meetings/ Pre seasonal Conferences and other relevant meetings
  • Field visits
  • Maintain technical activities



Additional Director(Extension)


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