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School of Agriculture -Palamunai

Sri Lanka School of Agriculture –Palamunai is the most prominent and becomes pioneer in Agricultural knowledge and practices provider in eastern region which was started on 6th of April, 2015. The transition of the School of Agriculture starts from the DATC –Palamunai converted its own building and ¾ ac of cultivation land as the School of Agriculture, then adjacent one acre of land was obtained for the extension of cultivation. Thereafter, Vithartha Resource center was obtained to function as the administrative building and finally another adjacent one acre land also occupied for the cultivation practices.


We promote Diploma holders (NVQ – 5) in the name of National Diploma in Agricultural Production Technology. We travel to provide practices on vegetable production, other field crops, paddy and other cereals, farm machinery etc. Students are engaging to find out the yield aspects and comparison with recommended practices and measurements meanwhile engaging the reasons behind the problems found on the cultivation.


  • Produce diploma holders annually   to the National Diploma  in Agricultural Production Technology(NVQ 5).
  • Acquire certification of Quality Management system through continual improvement in every 3 years.
  • Facilitating the students to OJT who have successfully completed institution training program in each academic year.


  • Conducting National Diploma in Agriculture Production Technology (NVQ Level 5) Course.
  • Maintaining quality management system activities.
  • Conducting short awareness program for farmers .
  • Conducting annual field day event 


  • Providing National Diploma in Agriculture Production Technology (NVQ Level 5) Course.
  • Chemical free cultivation at Sri Lanka School of Agriculture – Palamunai through the organic concept
  • Compost program through the specified waste management program in indoor and outdoor
  • Mushroom cultivation program as the community based participator
  • Annual filed day event with the collective objectives of Climate smart agriculture
  • Annual magazine – PASUMAICHIRAHU – 05th release
  • Crop clinic program in 2021 to the farmers
  • Adopting the wide range of activities in the ensuring path of the Good Agricultural practices and Best Agricultural practices
  • Enhance the fantastic beauty of the surroundings by having the waste free environment and provide the gentle color balance to the ecosystems.
  • Seedlings production and sales in the year 2021



Assistant Director of Agriculture / Principal

Mr. A.S.M.Harees

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