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Inter Provincial Area-Hambantota

The area under the Hambantota Inter-Provincial Extension Office belongs to the DL3 and DL5 agro-climatic zones and it belongs to the Ambalantota, Hambantota, Tissamaharama, Lunugamwehera, Sooriyawewa and Balangoda Divisional Secretariats. It consists of 31 Agriculture Instructor Divisions. These divisions belong to 8 Agricultural Extension Offices and 3 Assistant Directorate of Agriculture Zones.

Agriculture Extension Offices are divided into Lunama, Ambalantota, Mayurapura, Badagiriya, Weerawila, Beralihela, Yodhakandiya and Kaltota.

This area of ​​18243 hectares of upland and 17417 hectares of paddy lands has an extension staff consisting of Agricultural Instructors and Technical Assistants in the inter-provincial area and is managed by three Assistant Directors of Agriculture (Walawa, Kiridota Oya, Kalthota). Overall supervision is conducted in a Deputy Director of Agriculture.

There are also four officers in charge of major subjects such as paddy, plant conservation, supplementary food crops, farmer women. Separate subject officers have been appointed in charge of the zones.


  • Improving the productivity of paddy cultivation. At present the average yield is 145 bu / ac. It is targeted  to improve up to 150 bu / ac in next year.
  • Increase domestic production of supplementary food crops,( vegetables and fruits) and reduce of  imports. To ensure the production throughout the year by Enhancing seasonal and off-season cultivation
  • The main producer of green gram is Hambantota Inter-Provincial Area. At present it cultivates an area of 7000 hectares annually with third -season and fourth-season green gram  Cultivation.
  • GAP Certification Program is implemented for fruit and vegetable crops in this area. Providing marketing facilities for selected products by linking the private supermarket chain with the GAP program to obtain reasonable prices for agricultural products.
  • Currently the daily mushroom production is around 800 kg and  85 mushroom houses have been newly constructed in last year.
  • Facilitating farmers to cultivate crops in a timely manner using the croplook website as the price fluctuation of low country vegetables.
  • About 600 hectares are under banana cultivation, the majority of which are kolikuttu and Ambul, and the Cavendish banana variety is grown to connect with the supermarket chain.
  • Cultivation and marketing of suitable crops in the area to strengthen the economy of the farmers and ensure food security (bitter gourd, Thibbatu, Thumba)


  • Extension Activities in Paddy
    • Yaya 2 programme
    • Trainings on weed control, Deep ploughing, Water management
    • Provided Certified Seed paddy – Provided 2 kg packets
    • Apply charcoal, Apply Poultry manure
    • Cultivation of paddy fields together – Land preparation with rain
    • Transplanting ( Kaltota), Parachute method (Mayurapura, Kaltota), Practice suitable plant density (2 bu/ac), Introduce BG 374
    • Introduce Bio film
    • IPM Trainings
  • Sustainable Cluster Village Development Program
    Under this program, Sustainable Mango Cultivation Project in Lunugamvehera Divisional Secretariat  Division, Mushroom Cultivation Program in Walawa Zone, Cavendish Banana Cultivation Project for Exports are being carried out.
  • Women Agriculture Extension Programme
    • Provide Mushroom packing tables
    • Provide brix meter for jam production
    • Provide net house for ornamental flowers
  • GAP certified vegetable & Fruit production program
    • The objective of this program is to direct the farmers towards good agricultural practices. Under this, training of farmers, monitoring of farms, advising on regularization of pesticide use, issuance of certificates, extension of integrated pest control, delivery of quality, eco-friendly and hygienic products to the market.
       GAP mall Group program – 6

      Smallholder Agri business Partnership program – (SAPP) 111 Farmers 

  • Fruit & Vegetables to Foreign Market
  • Green gram cultivation in the third and fourth seasons


  • Technology transfering.

Engaging in extension activities by imparting necessary technical knowledge to the farmers. A team of experienced technical officers imparts technical knowledge to the farmers through training classes, field demonstrations, field days and field trips.

  • Planning and Implementing various agricultural projects.
    • Sustainable Cluster Village Development Program
    • Green gram cultivation programme
    • Women Agriculture Extension Programme
    • GAP programme
  • Supply and coordination quality seeds and planting material.
  • Coordinating the promotion and marketing of fruit crops. And value added products.
  • Registering and updating pesticide marketing outlets and arranging an   assistant sealers training (ASTA).
  • Crop look program provides information to farmers about suitable crops, relevant  time period to grow, and the exact extent   to cultivate for maximum income.
  • Coordinating institutions.
  • Introducing marketing strategies
  • Women agriculture extension program.
    • Hela Bojun Hala to provide and popularizes of quality local food to the customers.
  • Crop clinic program, Farmer field school program
    • Provides solutions to problems in the field for farmers.

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  • Technology transfering.
  • Women agriculture extension program.
  • Extension Activities in Paddy
  • Sustainable Cluster Village Development Program
  • Vegetable & Fruit production program

Deputy Director of Agriculture (Inter-Provincial)

Mr. W. M. Gunadasa


Assistant Director of Agriculture(Head Quarter)

Mr. W. Samantha Kumara

Kirindioya Segment


Assistant Director of Agriculture

Mr. W. M. Gunadasa

Walawa Segment


Assistant Director of Agriculture

Mr. N.T.Wijesinghe

Kaltota Segment


Assistant Director of Agriculture

Mr. G.C.S.Kumara

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