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Inter Provincial Area-Anuradhapura

Office of the Deputy Director of Agriculture (Inter-Provincial) is located at Kada 12, Anuradhapura. Agricultural Advisory Offices at Rajanganaya South, Nachchaduwa, Vilachchiya, Galenbindunuwewa, Wahalkada, Nuwarawewa, Padaviya, Rambewa in Anuradhapura District, Agricultural Advisory Offices at Rajanganaya Left, Usgala Siyambalangamuwa in Kurunegala District, Agricultural Advisory Office at Neelabamma in Puttalam District, and Agricultural Advisory Office at Devahuwa in Matale District are also sub-offices belonging to this office.

There are 23922 hectares of irrigated paddy lands, 5668 hectares of minor irrigated paddy lands, 3365 hectares of rain fed paddy lands and 21850 hectares of upland lands in Anuradhapura Inter Provincial area. This office implements agro-extension programs and agro-development programs for 54734 farming families who cultivate in these lands. 156 major Irrigation Farmers’ Associations and 229 Minor Irrigation Farmers’ Associations are operated in the area.

Paddy is cultivated on about 34000 ha during the Maha season and about 24000 ha during the Yala season, while supplementary food crops are cultivated on about 10000 ha during the Maha season and about 6000 ha during the Yala season. This region can be considered as one of the leading areas in Sri Lanka for the cultivation of maize, black gram, sesame, big onion, soya bean and chilli. Fruits are cultivated on about 2000 hectares and vegetables on about 1000 hectares annually. As a mid-season crop, green gram is cultivated on about 2500 hectares annually.


  • Year (2020-2025),
    • Increasing the productivity of paddy cultivation to 140 bushels per acre.
    • Increasing the productivity of supplementary food crops by 25%.
    • Increasing the productivity of vegetables and fruits by 25%.
    • Promoting eco-friendly agriculture by minimizing the use of agrochemicals.
    • Increasing the supplementary food crop cultivation in paddy lands during Yala season up to 30% of the total area.
    • Generating agri-entrepreneurs.


  • Implementation of Organic Cultivation Program.
  • Providing new and suitable agricultural technology for the farmers.
  • Implementation of Seed Production Programs.
  • Protecting the cultivation from diseases and pests.
  • Supporting the Research Division to conduct agricultural research activities.
  • Implementation of GAP Programs.
  • Conducting field days/ field trips.


  • Introducing new and related technologies such as micro-irrigation, paddy transplanting, parachute cultivation, and mechanical weeding.
  • Promoting other field crops in paddy lands.
  • Conducting IPM Program.
  • Promoting the use of leaf color chart to reduce the misuse of ‘N’ fertilizer in paddy cultivation.
  • Increasing the availability of seeds for seed paddy and other field crops.
  • Conducting crop clinics.
  • Directing farmers for soil conservation activities.
  • Production of organic fertilizers and promoting the use of them.
  • Directing farmers to add value.
  • Home garden development.
  • Activities related to bee keeping.
  • Establishing various adaptation experiments.
  • Conducting crop cutting surveys.

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Deputy Director of Agriculture (Inter-Provincial)

Mr. G.A.P. Wimalarathne

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