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District Agricultural Training Center-Addalachchenai

The District Agricultural Training Centre of coastal resort of Ampara district under the Department of Agriculture (Inter Province Extension) has been located in Addalaichenai divisional secretariat area; the institution building premises comprised three different offices, namely District Agriculture Training Center, ADA office and Agriculture extension Center.
The technical knowledge providing activities are the most important valuable services to the farmers, school children, teachers and office staffs of any other sectors to improve their agricultural knowledge with practical aspects being done by district Agriculture Training Centre of Addalaichenai with full effort. This institution is conducting awareness programme regarding new technologies in the field of agriculture for the farmers in the area and also make aware school students, teachers and others institutional staffs of the area regarding new agricultural technology.

Vegetables and other field crops are cultivated in the field successfully meanwhile it provides the practical and conceptual approach on new home gardening practices. Farmers are observing in these field practices and demonstration is done to achieve their suitable agronomical performance, In addition cultivation area is continuously maintained in Yala and Maha season without failure. The nursey management practices and the sales outlet provides help to farmers on hand trainings.  Farmers very appreciated to service in the district agriculture training center.


While we consider the future aspects, limitations are the problems to the institution which are needs of enough facilities, human resources. If we get supports to develop the institution it can be helpful to provide valuable services to the area effectively and efficiently with sustainable manner.

Furthermore many new constructions and plans are working out for future success.



To provide a formal Agricultural Technical Knowledges to government non-government officers and Agricultural related students to improve their Skills, and talent and attitudes regard positive Agricultural Development to provide training workshop awareness programme and field d demonstration through that fully contributes to national development by Agriculture in Srilanka.


  • Provide formal Agricultural Knowledge to officers and agricultural related students.
  • Improve their skills, talents and attitudes regard Positive agricultural Development.
  • Provide training, Workshop and Awareness Programmes related with innovative Agricultural Techniques.
  • Provide field demonstrations related with agricultural problems and innovative ideas.
  • Through the agricultural activities, contribute to National development by Agriculture in Sri Lanka


  • Conducting Trainig Classes for DOA-Officers,Related Officers(Samoordi Officers,Gramma Niladari,Ecconomic Development Officers,Development Officers),Farmers,School Students, Vocational Trainees, Young Farmers and Farm Women
  • Conducting Out door Program
  • Provide the field Demonstrations.
  • Provide high yield seeds, seedling to the farmers.
  • Vegetables and Other Field crops are cultivated in the field and sales successfully.
  • Guide and train the on the job training students.
  • Conducting Awareness programme 


  • Agriculture Mobile Service Programme
    • Fall Army worm Control Campaign
    • Fall Army worm Control Street Drama
  • Mushroom cultivation programme
    • Mushroom Cultivation Practical Session
    • Mushroom Food Preparation
  • Farmers Training Programme
  • OJT Training Programme
  • Bee keeping programme
  • Compost Training Programme
  • Out Door Training
  • Youth Entrepreneurship Programme
  • BPH Control Campaign Programme
  • Cultivation and Deep ploughing Awareness
  • Provide the innovative techniques to other institute officers
  • Plant Propagation Programme for Young Farmers
  • Micro Irrigation Training Classes for Young Farmers
  • Integrated Pest Management Programme for New officers
  • Organic Farming Training Programme
  • Training for Agricultural Teachers
  • OJT Sutdent Practical Training Programme
  • ASTA Training Programme:

Our Image Collection

  •  Field Day

    Participating Ground nut Harvesting Programme in Oluvil Area.

  • Technical Meeting

Discussion on implementation of Permanent crop clinic Programme , Present of new Agri. Technology, OFC cultivation under paddy field, Discussion on implementation of NFP programme, field level problem and  discussed about solved  the  problem.

  • Crop Clinic programme 
  • Pruning and Training
  • Agriculture Mobile Service Programme
  • Mushroom cultivation  programme
  • Nursery Management Training Programme
  • Cinnamon Processing Programme and Bee Keeping Programme
  • Cultivation View of DATC Addalaichenai

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