Farm Mechanication Training Centre-Anuradhapura

The Farm Mechanization Training Centre (FMTC) at Anuradhapura set up under the Department of Agriculture, was established in 1971 with the collaboration of the government of the Federal Republic of Germany. The vision of the FMTC is to become the centre of excellence in training on farm mechanization in Sri Lanka, and the mission is to create a skilful farming community with appropriate mechanization for sustainable development in Agriculture. The training programs mainly focus on the operation and maintenance of farm machinery, repairs of farm machinery and designing of micro irrigation systems.

FMTC’s commitment to excellence has garnered international recognition, positioning it as a hub for agricultural mechanization training not only in Sri Lanka but also on a global scale. Through collaborations with renowned institutions and governments worldwide, FMTC ensures that its training programs remain at the forefront of technological advancements and best practices in agricultural mechanization.

FMTC’s training programs are meticulously designed to equip farmers with the knowledge and skills required to effectively utilize farm machinery. The emphasis is placed on three main areas:

  1.  Operation and Maintenance of Farm Machinery: FMTC provides comprehensive training on the operation and maintenance of various farm machinery, including tractors, plant protection equipment, transplanters, water pumps, harvesters and tillage equipment. Through hands-on practical sessions and theoretical modules, participants gain proficiency in the proper handling and upkeep of these essential agricultural tools.
  2.  Repairs of Farm Machinery: In recognition of the importance of timely repairs and maintenance in ensuring the uninterrupted functioning of farm machinery, FMTC offers specialized training in equipment repair. Participants learn troubleshooting techniques and repair procedures, enabling them to address mechanical issues swiftly and efficiently, thereby minimizing downtime and increasing productivity on the farm.
  3. Designing of Micro Irrigation Systems: Efficient water management is crucial for sustainable agriculture, particularly in regions prone to water scarcity. FMTC addresses this need by providing training in the design and implementation of micro-irrigation systems. Participants learn about various irrigation techniques, water conservation practices, and the selection of appropriate equipment to optimize water usage and enhance crop yields.

As Sri Lanka strives towards agricultural modernization and sustainability, institutions like FMTC play a vital role in empowering farmers with the necessary skills and knowledge. By focusing on farm mechanization, FMTC contributes to the development of a skilled farming community capable of harnessing technology for improved agricultural practices. With its commitment to excellence and international recognition, FMTC continues to be a beacon of hope for the future of agriculture in Sri Lanka and beyond.

Courses on functionality and maintenance

(These courses are offered only to those who use / wish to purchase agriculture machinery)

  • Functionality and maintenance of two-wheel tractors. (05 days)
  • Functionality and maintenance of four-wheel tractors. (10 days) (vocational training)
  • Functionality and maintenance of water pumps (02 days)
  • Functionality and maintenance of spray machines (02 days)
  • Functionality and maintenance of harvesting machines and crop threshing machines. (03 days)
  • Functionality and maintenance of combined harvester machines. (05 days)
Courses on repairs

(The courses are offered only to the apprentices and employees who works in the workshops and have completed one year of service)

  • Repairing two-wheel tractors (10 days)
  • Repairing water pumps (05 days)
  • Repairing two-wheel tractors engines (05days)
  • Repairing two-wheel tractor transmission systems (05 days)
  • Repairing spray machines (05 days)
Other special courses
  • Micro irrigation (introductory course) (02 days)
  • Micro irrigation (Detailed course) (03 days)
  • Solar power, drop irrigation training (01 day)
  • Home gardening training (01 day)
  • Welding tools and welding systems (05 days)
  • Agricultural hand tools
  • Use of laser level



Dr.Sampath Senevirathna

Deputy Director Of Agriculture

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