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Training Division

The Training Centre has been entrusted with the major responsibility to coordinate, supervise and monitor the all the activities in respect of the training programmes conducted by the satellite training centre of the Extension and Training Centre which are scattered Island wide Accordingly, two In service Training Institutes (ISTI) viz. Gannoruwa and Angunakolapelessa, four district Agriculture Training Centres (DATC) viz. Weerawila, Polonnaruwa, Wavinna and Addalachchena have been established with the intension of imparting knowledge, improving skills and inculcating attitudes of farmers those who directly involve with food crop production process of Sri Lanka and officers those who provide advisory services to the farmer community concerned. In addition, training programmes are conducted by the farm mechanization Training Centre (FMTC) under the Extension and Training Centre in order to improve knowledge and skill in respect of the manipulation of farm machineries. Furthermore, National Vocational Qualifications level – 3 and Level – 4 (NVQ-3 and NVQ – 4) courses conducted in those training Centres and the schools of Agriculture, Bibile, Labuduwa and Wariyapola for a period of 13 years are also supervised by the Training Division.


To improve knowledge, skills and attitudes of technical staff and other related stakeholders through high Quality training programmes in order to ensure the sustainable agriculture development.


  • Improving and updating knowledge, skills and attitudes of Technical Officers on appropriate technology innovated and developed by the Research Division.
  • Disseminating appropriate agriculture technology farmer community and other relevant stakeholders.
  • Producing professionally Qualified (NVQ Level – 4) youths for relevant vocations.
  • Making opportunities for students of schools, Technical colleges, and universities to participate in the training programmes conducted as per the requirements of relevant institutes.


  • Supervision of financial and development activities of the Training Centres
  • Planning, coordination and supervision of training programmes conducted in training centres.
  • Organizing pre-seasonal (Yala/Maha) training of Inter-Provincial and Provincial areas.
  • Organizing and coordinating of pre-seasonal for officers and other staff.
  • Preparing training schedule for Training Centre on Quarterly basis
  • Carrying out coordination and guidance for the development of training aid (Module, lesion plans)
  • Coordination and guidance of NVQ Level – 04 courses relating to agriculture sector


  • In service Training Institute (ISTI)
    • Gannoruwa
    • Angunakolapelessa
  • District Agriculture Training Centre (DATC)
    • Weerawila
    • Polonnaruwa
    • Wavinna
    • Addalachchene
  • Farm Mechanization Training Centre (FMTC)
    • Anuradhapura
  • Horticultural Crop Training and Development Institute (HTDI)
    • Bibile



Additional Director(Training)

Mrs.W.T.Geetha Ranjani

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