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Inter Provincial Area-Monaragala

Services of the office of Deputy Director of Agriculture (inter provincial) Monaragala extend in three divisional secretariat divisions (DSD) i.e. Siyambalanduwa, Buttala and Wellawaya including 25 grama niladari divisions (GND) for catering nearly 10000 farm families living that areas. Though this office is primarily deal with the paddy farming under Major irrigation system, it has played marked role in supporting farmers to increase domestic production of the Upland crop like OFCs, Vegetables and fruits during last few years. Since almost all lands belongs to working areas located in the Low country dry zone (DL a & b), frequent drought and crop damages were key observation during last few years especially in last two years.

To ensure economic and social rejuvenation of clients, especially farmers and contribute to a sustainable agricultural development by identifying and dissemination of technologies pertaining to crops contributing mainly towards local food production & food security and develop relevant human resources.



  • Maize and Ground nut are cultivated mainly in the Monaragala district during the Maha season and maize cultivation is over 10000ha and ground nut cultivation is over 500ha.
  • The GAP certification program is mainly implemented in this area for vegetable and fruit crops.
  • Obtaining information on the extent of lowland vegetable farms using the croplook website and making farmer aware of price fluctuations during the harvest season.
  • Mango, Orange and watermelon are the major fruit crops grown in this Inter Provincial area.
  • Directing farmers to cultivate and market suitable crops in the area to strengthen their economy and ensure food security.
  • A honey production village has been established in the Maligawila Grama Niladhari Division and one farmer has been trained to produce a hive. At present 40 farmers are engaged in honey production.


  • Implementation of “Saubhagya” program – 2021
    • Multiple approach to sustainable development of maize production
    • Production and Productivity Improvement project of Dry chilli
    • Green gram production programme (4th and 3rd Inter seasons)
    • Production and Productivity Improvement projects
      • Ground nut
      • Black gram
      • Gingerlly
      • Cowpea
      • Red onion
      • finger millet
  • Implementation on organic fertilizer production and usage program to increase productivity of paddy, OFC, Vegetable and fruit cultivation,
  • Activities in Saddhathissa and muthukandiya irrigation schemes are being carried out as two sub projects under the productivity promotion and irrigation system efficiency improvement project
  • Fruit cultivation is carried out in the Thellulla and Siyambalanduwa regions, mango, water melon and orange are cultivated mainly among them.
  • Conductivity women agricultural extension programs and food technology training programs
  • Conductivity youth farmer club programs
  • Implementation of good agricultural practices for vegetable and fruit cultivation.


  • Extension Programs. (Mainly compost Production and usage program)
  • Carrying out various agricultural projects.
  • Supply and coordination quality seeds and planting material.
  • Agricultural training for farmers
  • Coordinating the promotion, and marketing of fruit crops. And value added products.
  • Registering and updating pesticide marketing outlets, referral for pesticide marketing assistant trainings
  • Coordinating institutions.
  • Introducing marketing strategies
  • Women farmer agriculture extension programs.
  • Provide information to farmers on crops suitable for cultivation, time period suitable for field incorporation and extent to be cultivated for maximum income.

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  • Paddy Cultivation Programme
  • Organic Fertilizer Production Program 2021

  • OFC Cultivation Programme


Deputy Director of Agriculture (Inter-Provincial)

Mr. S.U. Ranasinghe

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