ETC-inter provincial offices

222 Extention & training Centre

Inter Provincial Areas

Six Inter-Provincial (IP) areas located in the commanding areas of major irrigation schemes are under the purview of the Extension and Training Centre of the  Department of Agriculture. Parts of the districts of Ampara, Anuradhapura, Hambantota, Moneragala, Polonnaruwa and Kandy are demarcated as Inter-Provincial areas.

Extension staff of the six inter provincial areas provide their services to farmers to enhance agricultural knowledge, improve skills and develop their attitudes towards the increase of National Food Production and uplift the living standards of farmer‟s by increasing their income.

The cultivated extents were decreased in both seasons due to scarcity of irrigation water in the tanks. Special attention is given to increase the cultivated extents of Other Field Crops during the year. Which include mainly Maize, Green gram, Groundnut, Gingelly, Cowpea, Soy bean, Chilly, Finger millet, Black gram, Big onion and Red onion were cultivated in six Inter-Provincial areas.


  • Enhancing quality seed paddy production
  • The GAP certification program is mainly implemented in this area for vegetable and fruit crops
  • Increase domestic production of supplementary food crops,( vegetables and fruits) and reduce of  imports. To ensure the production throughout the year by Enhancing seasonal and off-season cultivation.
  • Introducing new technologies to farmers to increase the productivity
  • Strengthening activities of soil laboratory
  • Increasing no.of families involving home gardening
  • Promotion of use of organic fertilizer
  • Conducting awareness programmes
  • Increasing no of bee keeping villages


  • Extension Programs
  • Carrying out various agricultural projects.
  • Supply and coordination quality seeds and planting material.
  • Agricultural training for farmers
  • Coordinating the promotion, and marketing of fruit crops. And value added products.
  • Registering and updating pesticide marketing outlets, referral for pesticide marketing assistant trainings
  • Coordinating institutions.
  • Introducing marketing strategies
  • Women farmer agriculture extension programs.
  • Provide information to farmers on crops suitable for cultivation, time period suitable for field incorporation and extent to be cultivated for maximum income