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Extension division of ETC continuously disseminates the agricultural technologies to all stakeholders related to agriculture through different extension approaches in major irrigation schemes scattered as six inter – province areas; Ampara, Anurdhapura, Hambanthota, Hasalaka, Monaragala, Polonnaruwa. In addition to that this is the main division in ETC responsible for policy intervention for agricultural extension activities and the development activities in the country, such as

Support adoption of novel and appropriate technology/mechanization

Adopt measures to produce more with less inputs (enhance input/land productivity) using appropriate technology provided at affordable prices

Promote cropping systems and cropping patterns that provide higher returns to the investment

Promote and support systematic home gardening

Introduce and adopt new and appropriate technologies for increase nutrient use efficiency (NUE) and fertilizer use efficiency (FUE)

Establish a system to promote integrated pest/weed management approaches to facilitate multiple use of plant protection technologies

Conduct Continuing Professional Development (CPD) programs for agricultural extension officers and other officers on latest developments on use of eco-friendly agricultural production and management techniques

Adopt water-saving technologies such as drip-irrigation, to enhance irrigation water productivity in agroecosystems where applicable

Adopt soil and water conservations measures to control soil erosion and land degradation

Take appropriate measures to enhance youth engagement in agriculture such as adoption of modern technologies and digitalization

Coordination of PTWG, MTWGs conducting seasonal conferences to coordinate agriculture extension and other supportive organizations.

There are sub units in the ETC for coordinating above extension and development activities, namely; Agi biz, Paddy, OFC, Fruits & Vegetables, Plant Protection, Bee –Keeping, Women agriculture extension, Young Farmers Club, Plant nutrition and Organic fertilizer, Climate sustainable agriculture and irrigation management, Mobile extension, Tobacco cultivation control, Traditional agriculture, Progress monitoring. These subunits conducting collaborative extension programmes with Provincial and Mahaweli areas to achieve the objective and mission of the ETC and department of agriculture.

All the above Extension activities are govern by the six inter province areas in Sri Lanka.

Inter Province Area
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