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Horticultural Crop Training & Development Institute-Bibile

Horticultural Crops Training & Development Institute (HCTDI) was established in 1st of April 2003 by joining the Sri Lanka School of Agriculture, Bibile and research farm HORDI Bibile. Activities of Sri Lanka school of agriculture re-started in this institute in 2015 to conduct one year NVQ level V National Diploma in Agricultural Production Technology course. Also institute is conducting NVQ level IV training course – Plant Nursery Development Assistant course. HCTDI Bibile is the main Horticultural Crops Training Institute in the Department of Agriculture. The one of main objective of HCTDI is production of good quality planting materials (Fruit plants).  It is responsible for keeping abreast with information, innovations, and technologies and develops skills in the farmers, students, officers of the different agriculture sectors. Demonstration farm is always open for everyone to improve knowledge and skills on Agricultural Technologies. HCTDI Bibile also conducting 06 month on the job training according to the request.


  1. Produce Diploma Holders
  2. Produce quality seed and planting materials
  3. Train different agricultural entrepreneurs with new innovations


  1. Conduct “National Diploma in Agricultural Production Technology Course (NVQ Level V)
  2. Conduct “Plant Nursery Development Assistant Course (NVQ Level IV)
  3. Maintaining of commercial level farm demonstrating new agricultural innovations.
  4. Conducting short term and long term training programs for Farmers, Student of School, Student of Agricultural school, Student of Universities and Officers of government and non – government institute, according to the request.


  • Production of quality planting materials
  • Agricultural extension services for farmers and others
  • Improve farmer’s skills through training
  • HCTDI Bibile is responsible for following services for country
    • Providing effective and efficient supervisory level agricultural education and training to produce supervisory level human resources required by the agricultural sector
    • Engage in field problem solutions of farmers
    • Provision of field training program to the different personnel
    • Conduct farmer training
    • Provision of on the job training to the students

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