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Sri Lanka School of Agriculture -Kundasale

Sri Lanka School of Agriculture Kundasale is one of the main government  training institute under the Extension and Training Division in the Department of Agriculture, responsible for providing effective and efficient middle level agricultural education to produce middle level human resources required by the agriculture sector of the country and also foreign countries .

Sri Lanka SOA, Kundasale has been producing about 170 diploma holders in agriculture to the agriculture sector of the country annually.National Vocational Qualification System (NVQ) was introduced from the year 2013. Hence, SOA Kundasale offers NVQ 6- Higher National Diploma in Agricultural Production Technology diploma from 2013 .

Brief History

The DOA was established in year 1912 and functioning under the purview of Ministry of Agriculture. Institutionalized agricultural education for middle level agriculturists was started in 1916 at the School of Tropical Agriculture, Royal Botanical Gardens, and Peradeniya under the department of agriculture. First priminister of  Sri Lanka , Mr. D.S. Senanayake was a student of the first batch of  Sri Lanka Schools of Agriculture  The school provided practical agricultural training for future agricultural instructors, teachers and students interested in agriculture. In 1941 it was relocated in Gannoruwa, in new buildings now occupied by the In-service Training Institute.

The Girls Farm School was inaugurated in 1948 at Kundasale, and in 1958 a second Schools of Agriculture was started on the same premises. The medium of instruction was Sinhala and Tamil


  • To produce competent middle level human resource through effective agricultural education for assuring sustainable agriculture development in Sri Lanka.
  • Provision of knowledge and skills in Agriculture to other external parties.
  • Contributing National Development Programmes in Agriculture sector. 


  • Conducting both theory and practical sessions.
  • Coordinating of summative Assessments.
  • Contributing in curriculum development activities.
  • Communicating with industries to organize OJT for students.
  • Preparing,maintaining and updating the evidence for all activities according to the SIX by NINE matrix of QMS (Quality Management System)
  • Organizing the career guidance program for students and staff.
  • Counselling students based on their performance in academy and discipline.
  • Organizing educational trips for students.
  • Encouraging students’ based farm project activities.
  • Engage in religious activities
  • Seed Production Programmes

    • Red onion seed production programme

    • Winged bean seed production programme

  • Compost Production Programme


  • Awareness of job opportunities for diploma holders.
  • Provision of knowledge in Agriculture to school children and students from other Agricultural Institutions when requested.
  • Provision of OJT facilities for the students who followed Agriculture related courses.
  • Engage in seed production programmes.
  • Conducting NVQ level 3 -Field Assistant (Agriculture) course
  • Engage in social activities.(blood donation,sharamadhana)
  • Provision of opportunities to the people who engage in Agriculture sector to uplift their knowledge and skills by giving chance to visit field days,exhibitions and farm.


    • Activities  and School premises
    • Seed Production Programme & Compost Production Programme

Principal /Deputy Director

Mr. B.M.A.P.Basnayake

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