ETC-inter provincial-Polonnaruwa

222 Extention & training Centre

Inter Provincial Area-Polonnaruwa

IP area Polonnaruwa includes three ADA segments, eight Agrarian Service Centres (ASC) and thirty five Agricultue Instructor ranges. This area comprises of five Divisional Secretariat divisions namely Madirigiriya, Hingurakgoda, Lankapura, Thamankaduwa and Elahera. The total extent of lands in Polonnaruwa IP area is 1,96,000 ha and arable land extent is 34,840ha. Number of farm families involved in agriculture are 46,092. The major irrigation schemes in the area are Parakrama Samudra, Kaudulla, Minneriya and Girithale. Paddy is the main crop grown in this locality and compared to the previous year the paddy production has increased by 91,799.5 mt. Onion, Groundnut and Maize are the OFCs cultivated in larger extents.




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Deputy Director of Agriculture (Inter-Provincial)

Mr. B.M.G.S. Basnayake

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