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District Agricultural Training Center-Weerawila

District Agriculture Training Center (DATC) is located in the low country dry zone. (DL5) This center was established in 1986 under the project of Lunugamwehera human settlement.

DATC weerawila is mainly responsible for implementing training activities to educate and uplift the knowledge of Agriculture of farmers and youth who areinterested in Agriculture. It conducts training programs to School Children as well as Officers of DOA, PDOA, Other Government and Non-Governmentinstitutions. 

In addition DATC providesfacilities to conduct training programs not related to the field of agriculture and conducted by other institutions and oroganizations. To promote Agriculture among the young generation and increase of NVQ qualified trainees in agriculture, DATC conducts Field Assistant – Agriculture NVQ level 4, one year training programs. Further DATC staff supervise students of certificates, diploma and degree coursers on agriculture.


Conducting of trainings programs on sustainable agro- technological techniques to create group of farmers, Youngersand entrepreneurswho are well versed in agriculture knowledge and practice.


  • Conducting of training programs/workshop/seminars on Agriculture Technology for farmers, youth and entrepreneurs
  • Establishment of crop field models
  • Conducting of one year (NVQ level 4) certificate course on Field Assistant Agriculture
  • Contributing to agriculture extension programs
  • Contribute to produce quality planting materials


  • Introduction of new agricultural technologies
  • Development of knowledge and skills of farmers on agriculture
  • Development of knowledge and skills on agriculture technology in the youth community
  • Increase the no of trainees on NVQ qualified in agriculture
  • Contribution to increase engagement of the youth in agriculture


  • Providing agricultural instructions
  • Production of NVQ qualified trainees in the field of agriculture
  • Facilitating of training programs conducted by other institution
  • Supporting to build up model agricultural farms in other institution
  • Supplying of quality planting materials
  • Contribute to national food production programs

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