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Inter Provincial Area - Ampara

The Deputy Director of Agriculture (Inter Province), Ampara consists of 06 Agricultural administrative segments such as Uhana,Damana,Addalachchenai,Sammanthurai,Ninthavur and Thambiluvil. These segments include 24 Agrarian service centres, 15 Divisional secretariats, 25 Agriculture extension centres and 93 Agriculture instructor ranges. Around 71,486 farm families in the area.

Main irrigation system in Ampara district is Senanayake Samudraya at Inginiyagala. It has a capacity of 770,000 acre feet and provides water for 10 small tanks which strongly support paddy cultivation in Ampara district. Rice is the main seasonal crop,maize,ground nut,green gram,cowpea,manioc,sweet potatoes,onion and chilli  are the other main field crops cultivated in the district.


  • Enhancing quality seed paddy production
  • Introducing new technologies to farmers to increase the productivity
  • Strengthening activities of soil laboratory
  • Increasing of  families involving home gardening
  • Promotion of use and manufacturing of organic fertilizers
  • Conducting awareness programmes
  • Increasing no of bee keeping villages


  • Home gardening-Central Camp
  • Mushroom Production

  • BPH Control Programme

  • Small Scale VAT Demonstration

  • Permanent crop clinic programme

  • FAW Control

  • Media Programmes


  • Providing Soil Analysis service to the farmers of the area
  • Providing mushroom seeds to mushroom producers in the area

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  • Crop clinic programme
  • Soil Analysis service
  • Small Scale VAT Demonstration


Deputy Director of Agriculture (Inter Province Extension)

Mr. M.F.A. Zaneer

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