ETC-women agriculture extension

Women Agriculture Extension Unit

The Women Agriculture Extension Unit Functions under the Director (Extension and Training) and is located in the Extension and Training Centre of Head office of the Department of Agriculture, Peradeniya.

The Women Agriculture Extension Programme is implemented in both Provincial and Inter-Provincial areas by officers in Change of the Women Agriculture Extension and Agriculture Instructors in District and Divisional levels respectively.


Enhancing the women participation in agriculture production and service sector in the development process of the country through improving nutrition, and socio-economic conditions of women centered family unit.


  • Promoting traditional local foods, establishment maintenance of Hela Bojun sale centers.
  • Producing agriculture based women Entrepreneurs.
  • Improving subject knowledge of the officers in charge of the subject of Women Agriculture Extension who are scattered Island wide through training workshop conducted by resource persons in various sectors.
  • Registration of Women Agriculture Organizations. scattered Island wide.
  • Conducting propaganda and training programmes.

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