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In service Training Institute-Agunakolapelessa

The mission of ISTI, Agunakolapalass is to keep the field extension staff updated on new technologies to raise their professional competence and educating them continuously for the changing of conditions in agricultural sector. This Institute offers In-service training for officers in agricultural sector mainly in Southern Region (Galle, Matara, Hambanthota Districts and Hambanthota Inter Provincial area). Induction training, refresher training, pre-seasonal training are the common type of trainings usually conducted.

In addition to the above trainings, field demonstrations carried out in ISTI premises also helpful to popularize modern agricultural technologies. Food technology trainings for officers & small to medium scale entrepreneurs were carried out by Post Harvest & Food Processing Unit of the institute. Apart from that, ISTI provides advisory services on plant protection in crop clinics for farmers. In addition to training, The course of Plant Nursery Development Assistant course (NVQ level 3/4) is conducted at ISTI Angunukolapelessa with 06 month institutional training and 06 month on the job training (OJT).




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