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Sri Lanka School of Agriculture, Labuduwa was started in 1994 to conduct two year Agriculture Diploma course. This course was conducted in the institution up to year 2000. Later one year practical Agriculture training course was conducted for Agriculture Research and Production Assistant in Department of Agrarian Development.



The DOA was established in year 1912 and functioning under the purview of Ministry of Agriculture. Institutionalized agricultural education for middle level agriculturists was started in 1916 at the School of Tropical Agriculture, Royal Botanical Gardens, and Peradeniya under the department of agriculture. The school provided practical agricultural training for future agricultural instructors, teachers and students interested in agriculture. In 1941 it was relocated in Gannoruwa, in new buildings now occupied by the In-service Training Institute. Due to vast demand created for the middle level agriculture technicians in the country, several other Agriculture Schools were established in early 1980s.


Around 350 ARPA’s were trained from 2005 to 2013. NVQ 3/4 Level “Edible landscaping and urban agriculture” course was started for school leavers during 2014. In 2015 NVQ level 5 National Diploma in Agricultural Production Technology course was started in the school. Conducting short term training programs for officers, farmers and school students is another function of the school. Land area of the school is maintained as a demonstration field for these trainees.

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Mrs. G.G.V. Shyamali

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