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‘Green Office Environment’ Crop Cultivation Program With the economic crisis facing the country, in collaboration with the Crop cultivation Promotion Programs being …

Diploma Awarding Ceremonies Diploma awarding ceremony of the National Diploma in Agricultural Production Technology (NVQ 05) conducted by the Schools of Agriculture, …

A field day of observation and crop cut survey for potato newly cultivated lands – Dambulla- 2022-03-08 A field day of observation …

Commencement of duties – 2022 Commencement of duties in the year 2022 was held on 03.01.2022 at the Head Office premises of …


2022 Annual Transfer Announcement - Combined Service (Management Service Officer Service and Development Officer Service)
Please click below link to download the announcement.
Interim Fertiliser Guideline for 2021/22 Maha Season.
Please click below link to download the guideline.
A green country, a poison-free tomorrow
National Program for Registration of Organic Fertilizer Producers
Distribution of illegal pesticide products
Announcement of distribution of illegal pesticide products in the island
Distributing department publications for social welfare
All publications of the Department of Agriculture can be downloaded from this website. Before printing and distributing ....

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