Supplier Registration

Registration of Suppliers for 2022

Department of Agriculture, Peradeniya : Registration of Suppliers for the year 2022 – Announcement English සිංහල தமிழ்
Registration of Suppliers in the Department of Agriculture for the year 2022 (Application Form) English සිංහල தமிழ்
Garage Registration Application for Vehicle and Machinery Repair of the Department of Agriculture English සිංහල தமிழ்
Registration of Contractors for Civil Construction and Maintenance Works of the Department of Agriculture – 2022 English සිංහල தமிழ்

Registered Suppliers for the 2021

1. Information Technology and Related ServicesEnglishසිංහලதமிழ்
2. TextilesEnglishසිංහලதமிழ்
3. StationeryEnglishසිංහලதமிழ்
4. ServicesEnglishසිංහලதமிழ்
5. Printing MaterialsEnglishසිංහලதமிழ்
6. Other SuppliersEnglishසිංහලதமிழ்
7. Office Equipment and FurnitureEnglishසිංහලதமிழ்
8. Motor Spare PartsEnglishසිංහලதமிழ்
9. Mechanical Products and  Raw MaterialsEnglishසිංහලதமிழ்
10. Laboratory equipment and ChemicalsEnglishසිංහලதமிழ்
11. Janitorial & Sanitary ServiceEnglishසිංහලதமிழ்
12. Electrical EquipmentEnglishසිංහලதமிழ்
13. Consumable ItemsEnglishසිංහලதமிழ்
14. Building MaterialsEnglishසිංහලதமிழ்
15. Audio Visual EquipmentEnglishසිංහලதமிழ்
16. Agricultural Equipment and MaterialsEnglishසිංහලதமிழ்