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The key objective of the Finance Division is to establish and implement a proper financial management system with the intention of achieving overall targets of the Department of Agriculture and the following main tasks are included for that purpose.

  • Preparation of annual revenue & expenditure estimates.
  • Maintenance of bank accounts.
  • Allocation of departmental and ministry provisions.
  • Collecting and accounting the department revenue.
  • Preparing all recurrent & capital expenditure including personal emoluments.
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  • Performing internal audit activities.
  • Preparation of financial progress reports & evaluations.
  • Co-ordination of financial activities with local & foreign,government & non government organizations.
  • Foreign payments.
  • Implementation of farm advance account activities.
  • Preparation of financial accounts including appropriation & local revenue accounts.
  • Conducting annual board of surveys.
  • Payment of loans to employees.
  • Training of personnel on computer application and financial management.


In order to achieve overall targets of the Department, as a support services; maintenance of financial discipline productively, efficient management of all financial matters that can be managed by the Finance Division to the maximum level, maximum utilization of resources,making the procedure of receipts and payments more efficient and reporting at the optimal level.

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