Finance-Subunits-Farm 01

Farm Management 01 Branch

We are one of the main units under the Finance Division and our duty is making abundance the quality seeds and planting material,required by the growers,through the development of local seed industry with the participation of both public and private sector.



In order to achieve overall targets of the Finance Division,as a support service, performance of accounting activities at an optimal level as enable to maintain the Agro farms productively with proper management. 


  • Imprest management in the Deputy Director of Agriculture Offices operated under the Agricultural Farm Maintenance and Seed Sales Advance Account.
  • Taking measures related to the account summary of the account numbered 7206 under the Director General of Agriculture.
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  • Preparation of the final account of the above account.
  • Making overall inspection within the Farm Account Division.
  • Making payment activities related to all capital expenditure votes of the Farm Accounts Branch.

Farm Management 01 Branch- Staff



Accountant (SL.Acc.S -III)

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