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Development Accounts Branch

We are a major unit under the Finance Division. One of our main responsibilities is to accept the initial payment vouchers for capital expenditure of the Department of Agriculture after a preliminary examination.



“Provide financial support in the implementation of short term and long term investment plans for the development of agriculture as a support service to achieve the overall targets of the finance Division”


  • After a preliminary check accepting all payment vouchers for capital payments duly received to the Development Accounts Branch.
  • Immediate handing over of non-relevant payment vouchers and day stamping all relevant payment vouchers.
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  • Handing over all payment vouchers to the officers according to all votes and respective subjects.
  • After duly inspecting all those payment vouchers by the officers-incharge of the subjects, incorporating them to the specific computer programme and if there are vouchers with shortcomings, sending them back to the respective divisions for getting them back after rectification.
  • Checking and certifying vouchers by the unit head Accountant.
  • Sending those certified cheques to incorporate into the CIGAS programme.
  • Printing of Cheques for certified vouchers by considering the provision limits and financial conditions.
  • Taking action to post all cheques immediately to respective payees through general post.
  • Maintenance of he Advance Register provided for ad-hoc and sub imprests.
  • Maintenance of the lost cheque register.
  • continuation of the General Deposit Ledger.

Development Accounts Branch- Staff


Mrs.S.M.N. Senevirathne

Accountant (SL.Acc.S - I)

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