Main Finance Branch

We are a major unit under the Finance Division. Our main responsibilities are supervision, maintenance of carder, maintaining expenditure ledger, making purchases, carrying out procurement activities, allocating & releasing provisions.


“In order to achieve overall targets of the entire Finance Division, as a  supporting service, doing estimation and provision management and supervision and reviewing at optimal level.”


  • Supervision.
  • Updating Cadre information,documents related to stores, stock books and other files.
  • Maintenance of the expenditure ledger.
  • Performing duties related to personal files.
  • Making urgent purchases and updating,Execution of procurement activities.
  • Preparing progress review reports relevant to the Finance Division.
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  • Allocating the provisions received from the Treasury and Ministry to the Director Divisions.
  • Preparing expenditure reports in accordance with the Director Divisions.
  • Updating computer programs.
  • Performing election activities, Board of survey activities.
  • Updating personal files of the staff.
  • Releasing provisions for small scale agricultural projects.
  • Forwarding vouchers of foreign tours for approvals.
  • Performing activities related to overtime vouchers and holiday pays.

Main Finance Branch- Staff


Chief Financial Officers (SL.Acc.S - I)


Chief Accountant (SL.Acc.S - I)

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