Financial Management Branch

We are one of the main sub units under the Finance Division. Preparing annual appropriation accounts, processing annual imprest application, making combined account summaries are some of the major functions of our Branch.



In order to achieve overall targets of the Finance Division, as a supporting service, performing the imprest management and budget reporting of the Department with the maximum use of modern technology.


  • Preparation of Annual Appropriation Accounts.
  • Processing Annual Imprest Application.
  • Making combined account summary.
  • Releasing imprest to regional offices.
  • Making provisions to respective institutions through CIGAS programme.
  • Reconciling General Deposit  Account annually.
  • Preparing income estimates and overdues.performing activities related to waiving-off incomes in arrears and preparing bi-annual reports,Preparing Annual Income Account and submitting to the Treasury.
  • Preparing Department Imprest Account and Monthly Imprest Application.
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  • Processing the salary & cadre report and submitting it to the Treasury.
  • Taking necessary action to delegate the authority to transferring and signing cheques.
  • Continuation of the account maintained in favour of the Director General of Agriculture, at the Peoples' Bank, Peradeniya.
  • Issuing cheques for security deposits and tender deposits.
  • Forwarding imprests granted by Foreign Aids Programmes to the Treasury.
  • After being analysed the income sources corresponding to the department revenue code 18.02.2003, classifying, scrutinizing daily, reconciling monthly and preparing the report annually for making it easy to processing the income account. 
  • Matching the Treasury computer records with Account summaries.
  • Closing the cash book as at 31st December and remitting the balance to the Treasury.
  • preparing reports related to small scale projects.
  • Maintenance of the tender deposit ledger.
  • Maintenance of the security deposit ledger.

Financial Management Branch - Staff


Mr.M.Anuruddha Kumara

Accountant (SL.Acc.S - I)

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