Assets Management Branch

We are one of the main units under the Finance Division. Our main responsibility is conducting annual Board of Surveys for all sub institutions under the Department.



” In order to achieve overall targets of the Finance Division, as a supporting service, executing the assets management activities precisely, effectively, safely and productively at an optimal level even with the support of the technology as well “


  • Conducting the annual Board of Survey for all sub institutions under the department.
  • Certifying Board of Survey reports and submitting to the Auditor General.
  • Calling tenders for auctions for the purpose of disposing condemned articles.
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  • Conducting auctions & tenders to dispose defective items.
  • Preparing the fixed assets register annually & forwarding to Comptroller General Office.
  • Maintaining the assets management database up to date.
  • Giving recommendations for losses as per the FR 101-109.
  • Submitting information about losses for annual appropriation account.
  • Making foreign contributions for organizations.

Assets Management Branch- Staff


Mr.P. P. C. S. J. Pathirage

Accountant (SL.Acc.S - I)

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