Engineering Accounts Branch

Our main responsibilities are making recurrent payments for main Engineering Division and all sections under its purview, making payments of special projects and liaising the audit related matters of the department.


“Contributing to achieve overall objectives of the Finance Division through productively making payments pertinent to Engineering field, managing payments of foreign funded projects and managing the general deposit payments”


  • Performing all recurrent payment activities related to the Main Engineering Office and all sections under its purview.
  • Making all payments related to the Annual Symposium of the Department of Agriculture.
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  • Making payments related to seeds purchasing programme of the Department and Agri Business supporting scheme for farmers.
  • Making Payments of all special projects such as,
    1. IPPC project
    2. Enhancing the bee honey production by establishing young farmers societies
    3. Argo tourism project
    4. UN-FAO project related to Fall Army Warm in Sri Lanka
    5. Cluster village programme-2020
    6. Project for development of site-specific fertilizer management systems for sustainable crop production
    7. C –CAP / UNDP project for addressing climate change impacts
    8. SAARC project
  • Liaising with relevant divisions and responding to the audit queries raised by the Auditor Generals’ department and the Line ministry and taking necessary follow-up actions.
  • Liaising with relevant divisions and responding to the Auditor Generals’ report, Report of Management Audit and Report of the Committee on Public Accounts.

Engineering Accounts Branch- Staff


Mrs.R.M.G.V.N. Amarasena

Accountant (SL.Acc.S - II)

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