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Administration Division

About us:

Administration division of the Department of Agriculture issues guidelines and instructions in order to ensure the administrative functions adhere to Government policies, relevant rules/regulations. Additionally, we are responsible for taking decisions on general administration  of the Department.


“Provide satisfactory service in order to achieve excellence in agriculture maintaining proper co-ordination with all institutions and resources through good governance and human resource management.”


Service provided

Human Resources Management and Policy Branch

Administration 01

  • Duties associated with recruitments to all posts, maintenance of the number of employees, policy matters legal affairs, information technology and translation work, relevant updating of the website of the department concerning administration division, assigning to posts to cover duties and to assign to cover work.

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Physical Resources Administration Branch

Administration 02

  • Procurement activities of the department, land work associated with conveying take over and associated work of buildings/ fixed and mobile assets, official vehicles, quarters, general administrative work, allocation of reserved vehicles, providing service facilities, maintenance and keeping of office premises, matters concerning daily attendance, matters concerning telephone, electricity water bills.

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Branch for Disciplinary Action and FR Investigating Actions 

Administration 03

  • Duties associated with FR investigations on damages and losses, disciplinary action of the department.

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Management development, Training and Productivity Promotion Branch
Administration 04
  • Staff training/ development activities, work associated with productivity promotion.

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Branch for the Post

Administration 05
  • General administration work, work related to post received from and sent to, proper maintenance of supervision concerning post imprest and proper distribution.
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Branch for Securities and Agrahara Insurance Work

Administration 06
  • Duties on depositing a security for the posts requiring to do so and duties on respective requests. Duties on contributing to Agrahara insurance, matters concerning award of benefits.

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Welfare Branch

Administartion 07

  • Duties on department welfare, duties of welfare of the staff, of the administrative division, organizing formal functions and functions of the department, supervision and coordination of welfare societies and other voluntary societies, implementing programme decided at emergency distress situations.

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Legal Branch

Administration 08

  • Providing recommendations to the legal requirements of the Department of Agriculture for implementation of duties in a legal framework.

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Office of the Director General of Agriculture

Administration 12

Supervision of duties of the Director General of the Agriculture.

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