ASDA 2021

About ASDA

The Annual Symposium of the Department of Agriculture (ASDA) is the largest annual forum of professionals in Agriculture. Since its inception in 1999, ASDA has made steady progress and the symposium provides a broader avenue for scientists of the different divisions of the Department of Agriculture (DOA) and Provincial DOAs to exchange views of various issues confronting agricultural development in the country and device strategies to overcome them with the ultimate objective of achieving excellence in agriculture while ensuring the national food security. It is also a scientific forum for all professionals in the agricultural sector such as University Academia, other scientists in the government sector, private sector, INGOs, NGOs, and representatives of farmer organizations to interact on matters pertinent to the agricultural sector.


  • To create a forum for officers of the Department of Agriculture to present and share their technical expertise with other members of the scientific community and others engaged in agricultural development in the country, for mutual benefit.
  • To advertise the new work carried out by the officers of the DOA.


Advisory Committee
• Dr.  B. V. R. Punyawardhana
• Dr.  H. K. Kadupitiya
Executive Committee-ASDA 2020

 Dr.  D.M.J.B. Senanayake (Chairman)

  • Dr. S. K. Wasala
  • Dr. W. A. R. T. Wickramarachchi
  • Dr. L. Priyantha
  • Mrs. R. M. G. V. N. Amarasena
  • Mrs. H. M. D. S. Wijerathna
  • Mr. A. G. Karunarathna
  • Mr. R. A. C. J. Perera
  • Dr. C. K. D. Wellala
  • Mr. K. M. D. W. P. Nishantha
  • Mr. L. L. R. R. Lokuliyanage
  • Mr. I. G. K. Janaka
  • Mr. K. Wickramasinghe
  • Mr. N. A. R. J. Perera
  • Mr. C. K. Wickramatunga
  • Mr. A. S. M. Roshan
  • Mr. D. H. J. K. Keerthirathne
  • Mr. M. F. M. Rizwan
  • Mr. T. A. Kamiss