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Agriculture Research Station - Kalpitiya

Agriculture Research Station, Kalpitiya comes under the purview of Horticulture Research and Development Institute (HORDI), Gannoruwa. ARS Kalpitiya has been mandated to the develop technologies for the relevant vegetables and fruits growing in Kalpitiya Peninsula. ARS Kalpitiya situated in Putllum district, falls under the DL3 Agro ecological zone. The main soil group in the peninsula is Regosol.  Main fruits grown in the area are Pomegranate, Grapes, Papaya and Guava. Farmers in Kalpitiya are predominantly growing vegetables, Red-onions, Green chili, Capsicum, Cucumber, Bittergourd, Brinjal, Beet, Long bean, Okra, Cauliflower and Cabbage.

Research and Publications

Ongoing research and publication details of the Agriculture Research Station – Kalpitiya

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  1. Trainings to Students of universities, Agri schools, farmers and department and related officers
  2. Producing Planting materials: Pomegranate, Guava, Vegetables
  3. Exotic vegetables variety evaluation

  4. Special fertilizer testing programme


  • Research and Research planning-special in soil fertility, fertilizer and water quality evaluation
  • Agronomic practices Studies and Experiments for fruit and vegetable cultivation
  • Collaborate research with Breeders For introduce new variety
  • Seed multification and Breeder seed production
  • Exotic variety evaluation
  • Experiment of Organic and inorganic fertilizers
  • NCVT Trails: Vegetables, Legumes, Tuber crops, OFC
  • Planting material production – Specially in center produced recommended verities
  • Collaborate research and Experiments with Universities
  • Maintains mother plants Pomegranate, guava, grapes
  • Cooperation work with other institutes of government and private sector
  • Training programme conduct for Farmers, School children, university students and government officers
  • Meteorological data collection and report
  • Administration and Development work in the station


Ms. H.M.P.S. Kumari

Deputy Director Research (Acting)

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