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Soil and Plant Nutrition Division

Division of Soil and Plant nutrition mainly conducted researches on soil fertility, plant nutrient management, organic farming, environmental pollution, food safety, soil microbiology and soil physics relevant to vegetables.  We promote farmers for soil test based fertilizer application in the food crop sector. Division further provides analytical services on request for soil, plant, water, chemical fertilizers, compost and manures and offers advices on the use of them. The division also undertakes training programmes on soil fertility and plant nutrition, correct use of fertilizers, organic farming with special reference to nutrient and soil management and other related topics for farmers, students, extension officers and interested public personals. Further, Students from universities and other government and private institutions trained for the laboratory analytical works organic farming. Division consists of laboratories for soil, fertilizer, plant, water analysis and Soil microbiology.   These are equipped with required instruments to measure essential soil chemical, physical and microbial properties. Soil and fertilizer laboratories are accredited for analyzing pH, EC. Phosphorus, Potassium, Micro nutrients (Fe, Cu, Mn, Zn),secondary nutrients (Ca, Mg), total trace metals (As Cd, Cr, Pb, Fe, Cu, Mn, Zn) in soil and total nitrogen, total and water soluble phosphorous, total potassium, moisture and heavy metals (Fe, Cu, Mn, Zn, Pb, Cd, Cr, As) in chemical fertilizer.

Research and Publications

Research and Publications of the Soil and Plant Nutrition  Division

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  • Soil Sample Analysis
  • Chemical Fertilizer Sample Analysis
  • Compost Analysis
  • Water Sample Analysis
  • Plant Sample Analysis
  • Bio efficacy testing of special fertilizers
  • Undertake university students researchs
  • Training Programs (school and University)
  • Training Program (Diploma Students)
  • Training on Organic Farming

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  • Improve fertilizer use efficiency by in introducing new technology.
  • Promoting of organic agriculture
  • Introduction of compost preparation technology
  • Promotion of soil and plant test bored fertilizer recommendation
  • Detection of heavy metals in environmental samples
  • Testing of micro-nutrient in plant samples
  • Conducting research on soil fertility and plant nutrient management, soil physics and soil microbiology


Ms. N.R.N. Silva

Principal Agriculture Scientist (Soil Science)

Mrs. K.K.K. Nawarathne

Assistant Director of Agriculture (Research)