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Vegetable Breeding Division

Division of plant breeding is employed in developing new vegetable varieties to cope with the market demand, consumer preference, climate change and biotic & abiotic stresses using conventional and modern breeding tools. In achieving the above goals current research and development activities are being focused on following area.

  1. Germplasm collection, evaluation and selection for rational utilization of germplasms in crop improvement programme of vegetable crops
  2. Development of high yielding vegetable varieties in cooperated with other preferable quality characters suitable for divers environments.
  3. Development of climate smart varieties to mitigate climate change
  4. Development of pest and disease resistant varieties to reduce the usage of chemicals in vegetable cultivation and ensure sustainable agriculture industry

Research and Publications

Research and Publications of the Vegetable Breeding Division

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  • Production of new vegetable varieties
  • Breeder seed production of new varieties produced
  • Awareness of farmers
  • Training Programs (Farmers, Students, Officers)
  • Contributing to Technology Programs (Radio, Television)
  • Conducting research on imported seeds and finding out whether they are suitable for cultivation in the country.
  • Awareness on techniques (Tissue Culture, Mushrooms)
  • Providing planting material


Ms. M.G.S.P. Pathirana

Principal Agriculture Scientist (Plant Breeding)

Ms. H.M.P.S. Kumari

Assistant Director of Agriculture (Research)

Dr (Ms) H.M.V.T. Welegama

Assistant Director of Agriculture (Research)

Ms. N.M.W.M. Bandara

Assistant Director of Agriculture (Research)

Ms. N.B.U.Dissanayaka

Assistant Director of Agriculture (Research)