HORDI Division7-Extension and Communication


HORDI Divisions

Extension and Communication Division

Research proven new findings and improved varieties in related to the vegetables and tuber crops are disseminated to different group of people including students, government and non-government organization, farmers and entrepreneurs to enhance production and productivity of vegetables and tuber crops. Coordinating, the industrial training program for NVQ4, NVQ 5, NVQ 6 and NVQ 7 students under Diploma and University. Research extension linkage is developed by organizing and coordinating demonstration on new technologies and conducting and coordinating research extension dialogue. Division is responsible for compilation and preparation of annual research report.


Editing and update HORDI available leaflets with the collaborating of officers of the relevant division

Development Programs

Conducting of awareness program to increase the Knowledge and application of new technology to end user. Improve the research extension linkage by coordinating research extension dialogue, technology demonstrations at farmer field. Coordinating and testing of adaptability on research proven technologies of HORDI at field level.


  • Advisory services at farmer premises by visiting and at the office


  • Timely editing and updating of Technical leaflets
  • Technology dissemination by telephone calls, radio program, TV Program, paper articles, exhibitions, workshops, training program and demonstration
  • Coordinating the research and extension linkage by conducting and coordinating research extension dialogue.
  • Coordinating industrial training program for the undergraduates and diploma students.
  • Participate for PTWG and DTC with new findings to extension officers at field level and identified the priority issues and problems for research.
  • Coordinating exhibitions


Ms. N.M.W.M. Bandara

Head of the Division
Assistant Director of Agriculture (Research)