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Food Research Unit - Gannoruwa

The Food Research Unit (FRU) comes under the purview of Horticultural Crop Research and Development Institute (HORDI) of the Department of Agriculture. FRU is primarily responsible for conducting the research on post-harvest technology & product development of food crops. Quality evaluation of samples derived from crop improvement program is another responsibility of the unit. FRU performs collaborative programs with government, semi-government and private sector organizations on technology development, transfer and use of machineries. In addition, the unit provides necessary facilities and guidance for under-graduate and post-graduate students to conduct their research on diverse aspects of postharvest and food processing technologies.


Persuasion of research and development tasks in the discipline of post-harvest and processing technologies giving due consideration to Food security, Quality, Nutrition and Food safety.


  • Training programs      
  • Quality analysis
  • Research facilities
  • Advising and consulting
  • Awareness programs

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  • Analyzing of the food product quality and issuing quality reports for trained food manufactures at FRU according to the Sri Lanka Standard.
  • Technology dissemination through training programs for trainers, food producers, beginners…etc. according to requirements such as value added product, food packaging, processing factory establishments etc.
  • Providing facilities for research undergraduate, post graduate and diploma students.
  • Establishing technical papers related to food stuff.
  • Analyzing new food product quality through new technological and traditional methods.
  • Food related researches laboratory technology and post-harvest technology
  • Technology on harvesting, post-harvest handling and cold chain management of fruit and vegetable in disseminate to the stake holders of supply chain up to export market.
  • Transferring food processing technology.

Research and Publications

Ongoing research and publication details of the Food Research Unit

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Recent Technologies

  1. Identification of cold storage life of Guava (Var. Apple)
  2. Identification of suitable storage condition for chili powder
  3. Natural wax coating application to extend the ambient temperature keeping quality of bell pepper
  4. Value added product development using jack fruit seed flour
  5. Tomato (Solanum lycopersicum Mill) powder as a substitute for fresh pulp in sauce industry

  6. Value added products for pumpkin (Cucurbita maxima) to reduce post harvest losses and increase farmer income
  7. Development of banana snacks from two varieties using and appropriate dehydration method.  etc.

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Dr. H.R.P Fernando

Deputy Director (Food Research)

Ms. S.M.A.C.U Senarathne

Assistant Director of Agriculture (Research)

Ms. D.N Hettiarachchi

Assistant Director of Agriculture (Research)

Ms. S.P Rebeira

Assistant Director of Agriculture (Research)

Dr .C.K.D.Wellala

Assistant Director of Agriculture (Development)

Dr. R.A.A. Ranathunga

Assistant Director of Agriculture (Research)

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