HORDI Crop – Cassava

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manihot esculenta

Good starchy food source. Considerable amount of calcium, Phosphorus and vitamin C is rich in roots. Use as staple food as well as chips, alcohol and fuel productivity. Comparatively low water and nutrient requirement. Therefore thrive well in marginal lands.

Released Varieties

Climate requirements/ Areas suitable for cultivation

Up to 1500m elevation. Cultivate throughout the year with in broad range of soil and climate condition.1000-1500mm rain fall and 25-29 oC Temperature is needed.


Suitable pH is 5-6. Water log, and Alkaline Soils are not suitable

Cutting requirement

12000-13000 cuttings/ha ( for 90 cm x 90 cm spacing)

For high branching  varieties 6400-6500

For export 17000-18000 cuttings /ha

Nursery Management

Direct planting of cuttings.

But Special Cultivation can be maintained to obtain healthy vigorous cuttings. However disease management in this cultivating will avoid disease spreading via planting materials

Land preparation

Tillage and plant on set of rain


In wet zone plant in both Yala and Maha season. In Dry Zone plant in Maha season

Single holes or Ridges can be used.

Bag cultivation of cassava can be observed in different locations. In this method, 50 kg polysacks filled with loam soil are used.


High Branching 125 x 125 cm

For Export 75 x 75 cm

Medium Branching type 90 x 90 cm


Add organic fertilizer and add inorganic as recommended by Department of Agriculture

Times for apply

Urea  kg/ha

TSP kg/ha

MOP kg/ha

After 15 Days of planting




After 2.5 -3 Month of Planting



After 4-4.5Month of Planting



Water supply

At the early stage water supply or soil moisture is important.

Weed Control

Weed Control is important in the beginning of the crop until crop cover the ground

Pest Management

Whiteflies act as vector of viral disease. Therefore spraying of neeam extracts. Live fencing, mix cropping with maize and water spraying from top would be useful to control the whiteflies vectors

Disease Management

This description will be available soon…
Till then, please access the Sinhala language page on disease control through below link.


Harvest at 9Month – 12Month. Only kirikawadi can be harvest from 6 month


35-40 t/ha