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Rice-the staple food-weed management

Weeds Grow Aggressive than Rice .....

Compete "Underground"

  • Underground parts of weeds spread in a wide area.
    • runners
    • prostrate growth patterns
    • etc.


  • Facilitate absorbance of more water and nutrients from surroundings. 

"Usurp" Resources

  • Weed species are adapted to low resource conditions.
    • Weeds can survive in such conditions.
    • They also show efficient growth and development
    • This is an advantage against rice plats.
  • This is an advantage against rice plats.


Grow Rapidly

  • Growth rate of weed species is higher than that of rice.
  • Rapid development of aerial parts efficiently acquire sunlight.
    • shades rice plants.
    • hinder light aquisition by rice plants.
    • develops microenvironments that facilitate pest lifecycles


  • Weeds are biologically and ecologically flexible.
  • Adapt easily to the changing environmental conditions.
  • Can survive even under extreme environmental conditions.

Gain and Sacrifice

  • New rice varieties are developed with the aim of providing a better yield.
    • might loose important traits that help them to compete with naturally evolving species.


  • Weeds evolved with environmental pressure.
    • can withstand and adapt to any condition.

Biologically Strong

  • Rapid seed germination.
  • Rapid  formation of mature seeds, vegetative propagules, or both.
  • Prolific seed production.
  • Seed characteristics that promote wide dispersal, such as
    • small size
    • ability to pass unharmed through animal digestive tracts
    • burrs that attach to fur or clothing
    • feathery structures for wind dispersal
  • Seed dormancy and longevity.
  • Ability to regrow or reproduce from small fragments plant parts.
  • High tolerance to stresses.