HORDI variety – Okra



Released varieties

Okra F1 Hybrid ‘OKH1 ’ Released year – 2011 Yield – > 30 t/ha Hybrid variety resistant to LMV in wet zone and intermediate zone. Light green pods. First harvest in 50-60 days

Released year -1975

Wet and intermediate zones – Cultivated throughout the year. Dry zone- mainly cultivated in Maha season. Light green pods. Susceptible for Mosaic virus. First harvest in 55-60 days

Released year -1975

Wet zone and intermediate zone – cultivated throughout the year. Dry zone- mainly in yala. Light yellow green coloured pods. Susceptible to LMV. First harvest in 55-60 days.


Released year -1993

More suitable for dry zone than wet zone. Cultivatable in both Yala and Maha seasons. Resistant to LMV first harvest in about 50 days