HORDI variety – Bitter Gourd


Bitter Gourd

Released varieties

Bitter gourd ‘Mathale green’ Released year – 2015 Yield – 12 -15 t/ha It has dark green fruits with continuous long blunt ridges. Suitable for cultivation intermediate zone in Sri Lanka.

Bitter gourd F1 Hybrid ‘Neerogi’

Released year – 2015

Yield – 15-20 t/ha

Good fruit quality: Attractive appearance (Medium size,Smooth ridges, No spines,Light green colour)

Pericarp:  Light green and shine surface

Growth Habit : Vigorous growth light green fruits with continuous long blunt ridges.

Has highest medicinal value with anti -diabetic compounds.

Recommended for all island cultivation.


Released year 1968 Large fruit with greenish white colour and long continuous blunt ridges. Suitablr for island wide cultivation.
Released Year 1940 Medium fruit size, light greenish white variety dentate external fruit skin. IT is having light bitterness and suitable for all island cultivation in Sri Lanka
Released Year 2006 Medium fruit, Dark green fruit with continuous ridges. Suitable for cultivation in intermediate zone.