HORDI Crop – Kiri ala

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Kiri Ala

Xanthosoma sagittifolium

High Nutritious value crop. Under irrigation condition cultivate throughout the year. This is economically profitable as it can be cultivated with low inputs marginal lands with low risk.

Released Varieties

Climatic requirements/ Areas suitable for cultivation

Annual rainfall requirement is about 1500mm. High temperature is preferred with intermittent dry period.


Preferred pH level range is 5.5 -6.5. Soil with high organic matter content is suitable. Good drainage is important

Cutting requirement

9000-10,000 plants/ha

Nursery Management

Mother Corms are used as planting material. Mother corms are cut in to 2 – 2.5 inches width cuttings. They are treated with fungicide or ash.

Planted in sand Nursery in shady place or cuttings are planted in top soil, organic fertilizer and sand mixture (1:1:1 ratio). At planting 3-4 inches distance is maintain within cuttings. Finally cover the cuttings with straw and irrigate.

When the plants have 4-5 leaves at about 1.5-2 month age, Plants are ready to establish in the field.

Land preparation

Plough the land, holes are prepared as 45 cm x 45 cm x 45 cm in normal soil. In had soil 60 cm x 60 cm x 45 cm  holes are needed. Fill the holes with organic matter.


1.5 month age plants are taken from the nursery without damaging the root system. Planting can be done both in Yala and Maha season with irrigation,


1m x 1m


Add organic fertilizer as much as possible. Add inorganic fertilizer as recommended by the Department of Agriculture.

Fertilizer recommendation for 1ha

Time of Application




Basal(3Days before planting or 2 weeks after planting )




Top Dressing One(1.5-2 months after planting)



Top Dressing Two(3-3.5 months after planting)



After 4-4.5 month of age reduce nitrogen fertilizer application, this help to reduce vegetative growth and increase corm formation

Water supply

Irrigation is important. At dry period leaves burn

Weed Control

Weed control is important, especially at the beginning of the crop

Pest Management

Disease Management

The main disease is yellowing of leaves. Symptoms include rot inside the coma, root rot and yellowing of the leaves. This can be controlled by preparing a well-ventilated soil with good drainage. half burnt paddy husk (completely unburned) can be used to provide good aeration to the soil. In chemical control, the coma can be immersed in the recommended chemical for about half an hour and then planted in the field.

  • Homai WP – 5g/5l
  • Thiram WP – 7g /5l


Harvest at 8-10 month. At maturity leaf length and leaf growth rare is reduced


14-15 t/ha is obtained. Average corm weight is about 125-150g


Reduce the vegetative growth by cutting surface roots