Climate smart agriculture and water management unit

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Climate Sustainable Agriculture and Irrigation Management Unit

As a unit within the Extension and Training Center of the Head Office of the Department of Agriculture, Peradeniya, under the Director of Extension and Training, the Climate Sustainable Agriculture and Irrigation Management Unit is   operated.

The extension programs implemented by this unit are carried out with the coordination and participation of the officers of the inter-provincial and provincial agricultural areas so that the agri-entrepreneurs spread all over the island received the services.


Providing technical knowledge and consultancy services required to strengthen the food production process in time of climate change by utilizing new technologies in agricultural extension such as safe home agriculture and micro-irrigation.


  • Promotion of safe home agriculture and related technology among agro-entrepreneurs and leading clients.
  • Organizing and conducting training programs on safe home agriculture (with theoretical and practical knowledge).
  • Design and design estimates of safe houses suitable for different parts of Sri Lanka.
  • Preparation of plans and estimates for installation of micro water supply systems suitable for various crops.
  • Provide technical instructions on issues related to safe agriculture and micro water supply.
  • Conduct Groundwater testing to find suitable sites to construct Agro- wells.

Climate Sustainable Agriculture and Irrigation Management Unit Head


Mr.K.G.Mahendra karunarathna

Assistant Director (Development)

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