World Water Day and World Meteorological Day - 2024

In recognition of both World Water Day and World Meteorological Day, the primary governing body overseeing the water and meteorology sectors within the Department of Agriculture Natural Resources Management Center (NRMC) orchestrated a commemorative event. This program took place on the 22nd of March 2024, hosted at the Auditorium of the In-Service Training Institute in Gannoruwa, Peradeniya. The esteemed occasion featured the participation of the Director General of Agriculture, Ms. P. Malathi Parasuraman, who graced the event as the Chief Guest.
Distinguished by its inclusive approach, this program showcased presentations from nearly all government organizations operating within the water and meteorological sectors. Notable participants included the Natural Resources Management Center (NRMC) of the Department of Agriculture, the Department of Meteorology, the Irrigation Department, the Water Resource Board, the National Water Supply and Drainage Board, the Mahaweli Authority, and the Department of Agrarian Development. Additionally, the event featured a stimulating panel discussion involving invited guests, enriching the program with diverse perspectives and insights.