Farmer Field Day

Held on 21 July 2023 at Palvehera Government Seed Production Farm premises. The main objective of this was to provide knowledge and examples to farmers, students studying agriculture courses and technical (agricultural) officers related to the main areas such as crop maintenance, seed production principles and farm mechanization.

Agriculture department officials, agriculture college students, officials of government institutions and private institutions related to agriculture and many farmers participated in this event.

Many programs were organized regarding technical awareness.

  • Conducting practical training and demonstrations on the production and maintenance of planting materials of vegetables, fruits and additional food crops.
  • Providing technical knowledge related to harvesting and post-harvest activities of vegetables and supplementary food crops.
  • Conducting demonstrations on modern technology and mechanization for water supply and other field activities.
  • Conducting practical demonstrations on the cultivation technology of papaya hybrid seed production.

Apart from this, an opportunity was also given to answer the problems of the farmers. As special opportunities of the field day, the farmers who can contribute to the seed production will have the opportunity to register for it and the students studying agriculture courses will have the opportunity to join the seed farmers for practical training.