Farm Field Day - 2023
Field Crops Research and Development Institute, Mahailuppallama

Mahailuppallama Field Crops Research and Development Institute, Farm Mechanization Research Center and Seed and Planting Material Development Center jointly organized the Farmer Field Day on 31.07.2023 at Mahailuppallama Agricultural Field Complex with the protenage of Director General of Agriculture Miss P.Malathy. A large number of people including officials of the Department of Agriculture and other public and private institutions, students studying in agriculture, schools and other educational institutions participated in this.

Here, the public was aware about the latest research information in the field of agriculture, new crop varieties, the use of biotechnology in the field of agriculture and the process of hybrid seed production. This was a great opportunity to see cultivation demonstrations of new crops discovered through research, including millet varieties, and the people also had the opportunity to participate in awareness programs about the use of farm machinery and the use of irrigation methods according to the field conditions of the area.