1958-2023 -75th Anniversary of Sri Lanka Agricultural College, Kundasale Proudly celebrated.

For the 75th anniversary of Kundasale Sri Lanka School of Agriculture, a series of programs were held with the support of the Department of Agriculture, Extension and Training Center and Kundasale School of Agriculture Alumni Association. With parallel to the 75th anniversary celebration, Kundasale Sri Lanka School of Agriculture organized and conducted a Pirith Chanting ceremony, a blood donation program, an inter-school cricket tournament, and a Kandy district inter-college agricultural knowledge based quiz competition. As the last stage of this series of programs, an educational and trade exhibition was held on August 04, 05 and 06 and its opening ceremony was held on 04.08.2023 in a grand manner.

            Honorable Minister of Agriculture Mr. Mahinda Amaraweera, Minister of State for Animal Husbandry Mr. D.B. Herath and other distinguished guests were participated on the invitation of Director General of Agriculture, Ms. P. Malathy. For this special occasion, Director General of Agriculture Ms. P. Malathy, Additional Director Generals of the Department of Agriculture, Chief Financial Officer, Directors, Additional Directors and a large number of officials of the Department of Agriculture, other departments, private sector were participated and members of the Kundasale Agricultural school Adi Vidyartheen’s Association also participated.

            After welcoming the Hon’ble Minister of Agriculture Mahinda Amaraweera, the 75th anniversary plaque was unveiled, after which the guests including the Hon’ble Minister went on an observation tour of the exhibition grounds. As a leading institution in agricultural education, Kundasale Sri Lanka school of Agriculture had prepared various exhibition areas and booths throughout the exhibition grounds to improve the knowledge and technology required for agricultural education of farmers, students studying agricultural courses and school students.

            Also, through the trade exhibition booths prepared for the public, awareness about various agricultural products and the possibility of buying agricultural inputs, high quality plants, agricultural equipment and agricultural machinery was facilitated.

            More than a thousand people participated in the opening ceremony which was held in a special pavilion prepared in the playground and the winners of the Inter-Agricultural school Cricket Tournament and Kandy District’s Inter-School Agricultural quiz competition held in parallel with the 75th anniversary were awarded by the Hon’ble Minister of Agriculture.

            A special function of this event was to organize a teacher’s award for the principals and lecturers who worked with great dedication to produce thousands of diploma holders for the agriculture sector.

            Nearly tens of thousands of people including farmers, government and private sector officials, school students and students studying other agriculture courses participated to watch this educational and trade exhibition which lasted for 03 days with the theme of “Technology for tomorrow from schools of Agriculture”.