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RICE-the staple food-weed management

Weeds - Plants Out of Place

Weeds could be define as “any plant species that interfere with the cultivation of a crop”.

Cause major direct/indirect economic losses in rice cultivation 

  • increased production costs.
  • reduced yield and/or quality of the crop.

Therefore, considered to be major pests in rice cultivation.

Recognition of weeds should be done carefully

    • all plant species might not be weeds.
    • some species may impose detrimental impacts, while some may provide a positive impact on crops.
      • assist nitrogen fixation.
      • control of other weeds.
      • adding organic content to soil etc.

Weeds compete with rice for resources, but usually are not lethal to the crop.

Weeds are classified based on

    • taxonomy
    • length of life cycle
    • morphology

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Weed Classification

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