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Rice In Sri Lanka - Pests of Rice


A pest of young rice seedlings. Adult and nymphs suck the cell sap from the leaf tissues.Damaged leaves roll inwards along the margins, feeding cause leaf drying resulting poor crop growth. 

The damage

  • The damage is severe under water stress conditions. 
  • Late planted crops are more prone for damage

Resistant Rice varieties for thrips;

Short duration traditional rice varieties   such as;

  • Dahanala
  • Kaluheenati
  • Kalubalawee

Higher trichome density on leaf surface found to be responsible for thrips resistance in rice.

Thrips management

  • Submerge infested crops intermittently for 1-2 days.
  • Drag a wet cloth on the seedlings
  • Apply recommended insecticides if difficult to control
  • For endemic areas use a recommended seed-dressing formulation 
  • Seasonal cultivation


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