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Horticulture Research Farm - Pasyala

This institute located at Gampaha District, Mirigama Divisional Secretariat area. This is the only sub – research station in the WL 3 agro – ecological zone in Sri Lanka belongs to the Department of Agriculture. This institute consists the land area of 8.52 ha and 150 Malwana special Rombutan Mother plants in the location.


Conducting Agriculture research programmes planned by Horticultural Crops Research and Development Institute (HORDI), Gannoruwa.

Grafted plants production planned by Seed and Planting Material Development Center(SPMDC) , Peradeniya (Ranbutan and Durian)

HRF Pasyala - Staff

Farm Manager- Horticulture Research Farm - Pasyala
Mr. D.A.D.Dissanayaka

Agriculture Instructor

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