HORDI – Research Programs 2019


HORDI - Research Programs 2019

Development of biotechnological tool to use in vegetable breeding(beans, bittergourd)Development of marker assistant breeding technology for vegetables breeding and applicatiion of tissue culture tools for vegetable breeding
Quality seed production of recommendad bitter gourd, cucumber, pumpkin, Brinjal varieties and hybrid parental linesproduction of breeder seeds and parental lines seeds with standad methods to maintain genetic purity
Development of OP and hybrid cucumber varietiesdevelopment of new Bitter gourd. cucumber and Brinjal varities with high yeild better quality with pest and desease resisitant or tolerent
Development of highbrid and OP bittergourd varietiesDevelopment of new varie\ties suitable for local and export market with high yeild pest desease resistant and high quality
Crop Improvement – yard long beanDevelopment of high yeilding better quality varieties
Development of hybrid/OP varieties of LuffaDevelopment of Suitable hybrid/OP varieties
Development of Hybrid/OP varities of OkraDevelopment of suitable hybrid/OP varities
Crop improvement of bean OP varietal development programDevelopment of suitable varities
Seed production of released varitiesAvailability of quality Seeds
Varietal development of BrinjalTo develop high yielding better quality brinjal varieties
Exotic varietal evaluation of brinjalTo evaluate the field performance of exotic varieties prior to issue importation permits
Seed Production of Parental lines and released varieties of brinjalTo ensure seed availability
Varietal development of TomatoTo Develop high yielding better quality tomato varieties for open fields and polytunnels
Exotic varietal evaluation for tomatoTo evaluate performance of exortic tomato varieties prior to recommend for importation
Seed production of Parental lines and released varietiesof tomatoto
Development open polinated snake gourd varieties (high yilding medium and long type with CGMMv resistant)To develop high yilding medium and long type fruits with CGMMV Resisitant
Development of high yielding short age varieties tolerent for biotic and abiotic stresses due to climatic changesTo Develop short age cassava varieties with high yeild and tolerent for drought and virus (biotic and abiotic stress)
Screening of exotic hybrid of vegetables for major disease under filed conditionTo identtify resistant varieties suitable for major diseases
Variety screening for diseasesVarieties resis to fungi disease
Technique for variety screeningVarieties resistant to Bwilt
Biological disease managementSafe methods to dis. Control
Bio-efficacy of new fungicide against powdery midlew of cucurbitsTo test the efficucy of new fungicide against powdery mildew in cucurbits
Bio-Efficacy of new fungicides against downew mildew of cucrbitsTo test the efficacy of new fungicide against downew mildew of cucurbits
Assess the climate change impact on vegetable diseasesTo survey for epidemiology study, disease history in farmer’s field in Kandy and Mathale districts.To develop a map of epidemiology data for soil-borne pathogens availability and density.
Study on endophyte fungi on tomato early blight caused by Alternaria spp.To identify endophyte fungi on tomato to control early blight caused by Alternaria spp. as a bio fungicide
Effect of soil ammendments to cotrol bacteril wiltTo identify effective soil ammendments
Identification of causal pathogen of bacterial wilt of cucurbits and beansTo identify causal pathogen of bacterial wilt
Bio-Efficacy testing of fungicides against brown leaf spot disease of leafy vegetablesTo identify the effective new fungiside against brown leaf spot disease of leafy vegetables
Exotic seed evaluation for bacteral wilt(Routing work)Importation of Healthy Seeds
Seed potato health testing for quarantine diseaseTo test imported seed potatoes for diseases
Screening of exotic hybrid of vegetables (Cucurbits) for seed borne virusesTo identify resistant varieties for future evaluation
Identification of causal pathogen of target spot diseases tomatoTo identify causal pathogen target spot disease
Evaluation and development of IPM technics to control virus vector in bean (Horse gram yellow mosaie virus) To formulation an IPM methods to control virus vectors of bean
Identification of cucurbits infesting fruit flies and their management To lower the infestation level of melon fruit flies in cucurbits through none/low insectisidal methods.
Screeninig of insecticide to control shoot and fruit borer in brinjal( For  re registration purpose To  evaluate the efficacy of already recommended insecticies for brinjal  shoot and fruit borer (Leucinodes obonalis)
Exploration of weedy & vegetable host plants of fall army worm in sri lanka To explore host plants to control army worm in sri lanka
Isolation and Mass culturing of effective and efficent antagonistic bacteria for the control of major root knal nematode on selected vegetable crops of Sri Lanka Identification of efficent and effective antogonistic bacteria for management of RNN with new IPM pacake
Develop, Test and implement monitoring procedures and practices at site, reginal and national level for pets predators and natural enemies To develop indicators for major pest predators and natural enemies
Development of an efficient management system for Meloidogyne spp. Infesting tomato in Sri Lanka through elucidation of the host To develop sustainable nematode management system for tomato
Develop laboratory rearing technologies for the identified parasitoids of leaf miners, mealy bugs and scale insects and NPVs of Tomato pod borer, Fall armyworm (Anzoft /ministry) To identify the major bio control agents of major pest of vegetableand make available the technologise for rearing those bio agents
Development of Integrated pests managmenet technologies for major pests of Cucurbits, Okra, Cabbage using non-chemical methods. To developed technologies for pesticide free Ipm programmes and pesticides free products
Study of the effect of colour traps on pests and other arthropodas in vegetable fields
Study of the diversity and abundance of predatory Arthropods of Fall armyworm To Explore locally and naturally available predatory Arthropods of Fall armyworm as an important factor of controliing the pest.
Testing the efficacy of nets to cover individual plants as an alternative technique for virus vector management in bitter gourd. To study the potential of covering bitter gourd plants as a management technique for cucurbit viral diseases.
Plant pruning and training for seed quality and seed yield improvement in capsicumTo improve seed yield and quality by plant pruning and training
Identification of best spacing for lacally rekeased bean varietiesTo select best spacing level for locally released bean varieties
Effect of managing fertilizer schedule for protected house grown tomatoTo select best fertilizer schedule for protected house grown new tomato variety
Effect of planting pruning on yield and quality parameters of tomatoTo improve fruit yield and quality of tomato by plant pruning
Effect of intercropping tomato with radish and kohl rabiTo study the effect of intercropping different vegetable combinations and to increase the land use efficiency
Development of Novel floricultural varieties through physical mutagenesisto induce variations in commom and wild plants and development of them as ornementals through physical mutagenesis to use in floriculture industry.
Identification of efficient resource management method for pandol crop cultivation through mix croppingTo manage resources in efficient way in mix cropping of bitter goard, Lufa and Snake goard
Study effect of Exogenous Plant Growth Regulators on panicle structure of tomatoElongation of panical length of tomto to induce multiple harvestiong via application of Plant growth regulators
Effect of  planting materials on yield of 7 varieties of sweet potatoto identify best  planting materials  of different sweet potato varieties
Study  Morphology , anatomy , growth and rooting behavior of promising Brinjal lines in  limited water availabilityidentification of climare resilient brinjal lines using  morphological, anatomical characters and rooting behavior from available promising Brinjal lines
Intercropping of cassava for productivity improvement of the cultivation fieldTo improve the productivity of land cultivated with cassava as the main crop
Variety collection of cassavato maintain the varieties and supply planting materials
Variety collection of sweet potatoto maintain the varieties and supply planting materials
Development of yield improving nitrogen fixing microbial inoculum to enhance the growth and yeild of vegetables.To reduc chemical fertilizers, Isolation of vegetable crop specific nitrogen fixers for different vegetables
Augmentation of drought resiliant in tomato using plant growth promoting rhyzobacteria (PGPR) inoculumTo improve moisture stress tolerence of tomato using PGPR inoculum
Assesment of nitrogen supplimenting ability of selected nitrogen fixing inoculum for capsicum (Field experiment)To asses yield advance of nitrigon fixing inoculam
Assessment of soil biodiversity in vegetable cropping systems compared to other land use practices in different agro ecological zonesTo asses  soil biodiversity in vegetable cropping systems caompre to vergin lands in different agro ecologica zones
Studding the minimum tillage effects on soil physical properties and crop yieldSoil moisture conservation, reduction of compaction and energy conservation
Evalution of different nutrient management practices on soil quality parameters oklEstimation changers of quality parameters due to nutrient managemenat
Effect of tillage on soil aggregation under irrigation conditionStudy the effect of aggregate stability on water retention and crop yield
Evaluation of soil pH value changers under different vegetable growing field at Kandy districtCorrection of pH value for facilitatethe nutrient upta
Determination of bioavailability of cadmium in soil from TSP fertilizerTo Determination of bioavailability of cadmium in soil  and plant accumulation due to TSP fertilizer in differe.
Testing of the efficacy of the special fertilizer imported to countryTo determine performance of the special fertilizer  imported to the country
effect of split application of recurrent organic fertilizer sources on vegetable under organic farmingTo determine the effect of split application of different organic nutrient siurces for growth and need of vegetable crops
Effect of different rates of the partialy burned rice husk with organic mannure on vegetable productionTo determine suitable rates of partialy burned rice husk with organic mannure of vegetable production under mix cropping system
Developmen of suitable nutrient management package for quality seed production in tomatoTo develop best nutrient management practices for quality seed production of under yeild condition
Determination of effect of application of Ca(No3)2 on growth, yeild and quality of tomato under water stress conditionto determine effect of application of calcium niutrate on growth and yield under water stress condition
Effect of continuoues application of compact on vegetable yeildTo monitor vegetable yeild obtainable with compost. To monitor change in soil character due to continous additional of compost
Soil calibration studies Mg , S and Zn on vegetablesTo determine influence of application of Ms,S and Zn on vegetable crops
Determination of effect of application of silicon on growth of tomato under water stron and non water stron conditionTo detremine effect of application of Si on growth and yeild under water stron and no water stron condition
Detremination of N and K response on hybrid vegetables (capsicum and brinjal)To develop fertilizer recommendations for hybrid vegetables
Determination of pesticide residues in vegetables collected from market by using rapid bio array methodTo detremine pesticide residue in vegetables from market
Determinaton of bioavailability of lead and cadmium in soils in major vegetable grown areas in Sri lankaTo assess the levels of contaminaton and bioavailability of Cd and Pb in soil on major vegetables growing areas in sri lanka posen health risk.
Development of hield test kit for determine the phosphorous in soilTo develop field test kit for P analysis in soil
Development of botanical nitrification inhibitors to improve nitrugen fertilizer use effecancy in vegetablesTo improve botanical nitrification inhibitors to improve nitrogen fertilizer use effecancy in vegetables