HORDI – Research Programs 2017


HORDI - Research Programs 2017

Development of tissue culture based plant propagation technologyfor Dioscorea (Micro tubers)Development of technlology for use of microtubers  as plnting materials
Low cost media development for OrchidsNew low cost technology developmen
Bitter gourd embryo rescue technology developmentEmbryo rescue technology identification and application
Marker development for Bean rust resistanceIdentification of DNA base marker regions
Varietal development of  CapsicumTo develop of heat and drought tolerance high quality capsicum varieties
Purification of farmer varietiesDevelopment of high quality Capsicum varieties
Exotic  varietal EvaluationTesting the suitability of new exotic hybrids prior to commercial cultivation
Seed Production of Parental lines and released varietiesAvailability of seed in time
Crop improvement – yard long beanDevelopment  of high yeilding better quality varieties.
Development of Hybrid/OP varieties of LuffaDevelopment of suitable hybrid/ OP varieties
Crop improvement of Bean OP Varietal DevelopmentProgramDevelopment of suitable varieties
Seed production of released varietiesAvailability of quality seeds
Development of Novel floricultural varieties through physical mutagenesisNew Floricultural Varieties
Mutational breeding to improve existing varietiesNew Floricultural Varieties
Improvement of native or wild plants as novel floricultural products for local and export marketIntroduce new flower crops for local and export market
Evaluation of Lablab varieties for drought resistance  and consumer acceptabilityDevelop Better quality varieties
Evaluation of Varieties and Fertilizer for Sweet Potato Bag cultureIdentification of suitable varieties and best fertilizer mixture
Varietal Development of Bitter gourdBitter Guard varieties tolerent to heat and drought
Seed production of released bitter guard varietiesProduction of quality seeds
Evaluation of exotic  germplasmRecommendation for suitable varieties
Varietal development of BrinjalTo develop high yielding better quality brinjal varieties
Exotic varietal evaluation of brinjalTo evaluate the field performance of exotic varieties prior to issue importation permits
Seed Production of Parental lines and released varieties of brinjalTo ensure seed availability
Varietal development of TomatoTo Develop high yielding better quality tomato varieties for open fields and polytunnels
Exotic varietal evaluation for tomatoTo evaluate performance of exortic tomato varieties prior to recommend for importation
Seed production of Parental lines and released varietiesof tomatoTo ensure availability of seeds
Dioscorea germplasam conservation and selection of superior accessions for varietal developmentMaintenance and for future use and distribution.varietal development
Characterization and evaluation of Dioscorea germplasmsconservation & Select lines for new varietal development
Year round production of Dioscorea using tissue cultural plants and evaluate in the farmer fieldsIncrease the year round production and availability
Cassava varietal developmentSelecting high yielding varieties
Sweet potatovarietal developmentSelecting suitable varieties  for saline areas
Sweet potato germplasm maintenanceMaintenance of germplasm for future use
Kiri ala germplasm conservationMaintenance of germplasms for future use
Colocasia germplasm conservationMaintenance of germplasms for future use
Screening of exotic hybrids to seed borne virusesTo give recommendations for exortic vegetables hybrid seeds importation
Advisory service sample diagnosis with – conventional, serological and molecular methods

sample diagnosis with – conventional, serological and molecular methods
To give solutions for farmer problems.
Testing of seed potatoes with culturing, biochemical, serological and molecular techniquesTo identify dieaseses of imported seed potatoes and issueing recommendation .
Evaluation of imported tomato, capsicum and brinjal varieties for bacterial wiltTo identify dieaseses of imported Capsicum, brinjal, tomato seeds and issuing recommendation .
Fungicide Screening Trail against collor rot in solanaceaeIssue reports prior to agrochamical importation recommendation
Development of integrated strategy for the management of seed borne bacterial diseasesTo identify seed borne bacterial diseases and development of control strategies
Fungicides Screening for Powdery mildew and Downey Mildew in CucurbitsTo find a Effective fungicides for control powdery mildew and downey mildew in cucurbites
Improvement and field validation of IPM package to tomato Viral DiseasesImprove the IPM Package with the new recommended insecticides. Improve the IPM package with different cultural practices
Residul Effect of custodia on tomato for control early blightTo develop technology to control early blight
Assessment of urea substitutability with selected nitrogen fixing inoculums with Chilies and capsicum – a pot experiment followed by field experimentTo evaluate the effectiveness of nitrogen fixing inoculum
Development of IPM package for gotukola in the fieldDevelopment of effective IPM for alternative to chemical pesticides
Identification of resistance status in common insect populations (mites or thrips/ DBM/ Cotesia/ Honey bee),  against recommended and commonly used insecticides (NARP Project)To Identification of current toxicity status in insects
Baseline assessment of pollination service  in 3 pilot sites (BACC Project)To identify trend of abundance over time and climate change of bees
Identification of new control techniques for successful implementation of AW- IPM programme on fruit flies and melon flies – Male annihilation techniqueTo develop New technologies for AW-ipm of FF & MF
Testing virus vector control with methods other than use of insecticidesTo develop New technologies for virus vector management
Testing of insecticides with acceptable residue levels for insect pest control in leafy vegetablesTo develop acceptable pest control methodology
Development of Bio-intensive Integrated Pest and disease Management (BIPM) Programmes for major pest and disease of horticultural crops in Sri LankaDevelopment of Bio-intensive Integrated Pest and disease Management System for Vegetable
Management of Root Knot Nematode (RKN), Meloidogyne spp. leafy vegetables, tomato and capsicumIdentification of suitable Root Knot Nematode management packages for leafy vegetables, tomato and capsicum
Studies on Morphological & Biochemical Parameters of Brinjal Genotypes / Wild relatives for Resistant/Tolerant against Brinjal Shoot and Fruit Borer (BSFB)(Leucinodes  orbonalis)1.To  identify Crop/Yield losses  due to shoot & fruit borer infestation

2.To identify  relationship of  Morphological  characters & Bio chemical compounds of  brinjal  genotypes with shoot & fruit borer infestation
Further Improvement of the new IPM package for the control of Bean Yellowing due to Horse Grame Yellow Mosaic VirusTo find out successful IPM components to control Bean yellowing
Economic importance of fruit flies in cucurbits: Identification and Management of cucurbit infesting fruit flies(Diptera:Tephritidae)1.Identification of cucurbit infesting fruit fly species & the abundance

2.Evaluation of effectiveness of different control methods for formulating new strategies or to improve effectiveness
Productivity improvement; improvement of yield and its quality (tuberse) by application of root growth inducing hormones at planting times.To test the effect of different hormone  (IBA) levels to apply for stem cuttings  at planting time on total  tuber yeild

To test the effect of different hormone levels on tuber size (no of medium size tuber increased)
productivity improvement – development of technology for making good quality planting materials year round for cassavaTo test the new cultivation method and its feasibiity for keeping as permial crops

To test the yeild of quality stem cutting which in havestable at any time during a year
Increase of planting material Production using mini set production technology-DiascoriaIncrease the availability
improvement of new Technology of Cassava planting material for enhance the income by intercropping with other crops(brinja)To test the feasibility of inter cropping cassava with brinjal under new technology for cassava production to increase the farmer income
Testing of changes of root crops  at storageTo increase the storability
Identification of better cultural practices for indoor plants for healthy lifeIntroduce Plants for indoor cultivation
Evaluation of color development of Cordiline verigata “tricolour” under different environmental condition and to manage heat stressIdentify suitable envoironment and conditions for colour development of Cordiline verigata “tricolour”
Evaluation of live mulch for weed management and water conservation of vegetablesIdentification of Suitable live mulch
Identification of best spacing for newly released Capsicum variety PrarthanaTo identify best spacing level
Effect of plant pruning on protected house grown Salad cucumberTo introduce best method of plant management to growers
Effect of plant pruning on protected house grown tomatoTo introduce best method of plant management to growers
Canopy management, Fruit thinning, Plant density and nutrient management on seed yield and seed quality of eggplantIntroduce best treatment combination to improve seed yield and quality
Plant training and spatial arrangement for quality seed yield improvement in cucumberTo introduce best factor combination to improve seed yield and quality
Effect of Chloromequat Chloride application on growth, yield and quality of CapsicumTo introduce the efficacy level
Morphological characterization and agronomic evaluation of Capsicum accessions for biotic tolerance and qualityPromotion of best performing accessions
Maintenance of Model Home Garden, Trainings and seed multiplicationPromotion of Home Gardening

Dissemination of knowledge and technology

Delivering of seeds among farmers and growers
Determination of N and K response on hybrid CapsicumTo develop fertilizer recommendation on  hybrid Capsicum
Determination of N and K response on BrinjalTo develop fertilizer recommendation on  new brinjal variety
Influence of the application of micro nutrients on vegetable yield and qualityTo ascertain effect of field application of micro nutrients on vegetables
Comparison of new fertilizer recommendation for hybrid luffa with farmer practice in farmers fieldTo determine the effect of new fertilizer recommendation on yield of  hybrid Luffa
Effect of combine use of different organic fertilizer sources on vegetablesTo determine effect of combine use of different   organic nutrient sources for growth and yield of vegetable crops

To reduce the quantity of the organic manures
Effect of different rates  of rice husk Bio Char with organic manure on VegetablesTo determine the effect of application of rice husk Bio Char with organic manure on  organic vegetable production
Effect of continuous application compost on vegetable productionTo monitor vegetable yields obtainable with compost and monitor changes in soil characters due to continuous addition of compost.
Screening of Different Varieties in vegetable crops for organic FarmingTo identify suitable varieties  for low inputs and organic farming
Determination of toxic  trace metal contents and bio accumulation factors (Transfer Factors) in soil and vegetables in Up Country Intermediate and Up Country ZonesTo identify toxic trace metal contents in soils and vegetables in up country intermediate and up country zone.To ensure that vegetables produced in intensive cultivation area meets food safety and quality standards
Assessment of bioavailability of cadmium in soil from TSP fertilizersTo determine the bio availability of Cd in soil and plant accumulation due to TSP fertilizers
Determination of Residual effect of Phosphorous from TSP FertilizersTo determine the residual effects of the soil P to vegetables
Studying the minimum tillage effects on soil physical properties and crop yieldSoil moisture conservation, reduction of compaction and soil control in crop growing areas
Evaluation of different nutrient management practices on soil quality parameters.Estimation  changers of   quality parameters due to nutrient management
Use of broiler litter bio-char to enhancement soil fertilityImprovement of nutrient retention, water conservation and decease controlled in soil
Estimation of monthly wise changers of soil moisture in Reddish Brown Latosolic  soilsEstimate of year round soil moisture content in Reddish Brown Latosolic  soils
Assessment of soil microbial composition in different soils with different farming histories at GannoruwaTo available information on soil microbial diversity and their functions
Development of Botanical nitrification inhibitors to improve nitrogen fertilizer use efficiencyTo Identify  potential botanical nitrification inhibitors
Preparation of growth media with beneficial microorganismsTo select best growth media