HORDI – Research Programs 2016


HORDI - Research Programs 2016

Anther culture technology development for bell pepperDevelopment of anther culture technology to Bell peper breeding program
Bean rust resistant variety development market identificationIdentification and development of genetre market for rest resistance
Development of Innala variety suitable for Sri LankaTo develop high yeilding quality Innala variety for Sri Lanka
“Elabatu” crop improvement programDevelopment of promising elabatu variety
Okra crop improvement ProgramDevelopment of new okra hybrid
Screening tomato accession for heat toleranceDevelopment of heat tolerance tomato variety
Obtaining new plantlefts of Gerbera bybria from discarding plant stockFinding easy solutions for planting material scarcity and high cost of gerbera true to type plant braking bud dormancy by stress treatments
Identification of better cultural practices of indoor plants for healthy lifeIdentification of suitable indoor environment conditions (water/hight/RH) to minimize Co2, emission at night
Improvement of native or wild plants as novel floric products for local and export marketDevelopment of new floriculture product or ornamental from Munronia pinnala, osbeklia,stellafa,Murrahya Koinigii using cultivation and breeding techniques
Evaluation of colour development of cordylyne verigata under different environmental conditionsIdentification of suitable elevations and environmental conditions for continues production of cordyline verygata
Identification of best spacing for newly released hybrid capsicum (Prarthana)To identify best spacing for newly released capsicum variety-Prarthana
Effect of plant pruning on protected house grown salad cucumberTo identify best pruning method/methods for protected house grown salad cucumber to improve fruit yeild and quality
Effect of plant pruning on protected house grown tomatoTo identify best pruning method/methods for protected house grown tomato to improve fruit yeild and quality
Plant training and spacial arrangment for quality seed yield improvement in cucumberTo improve seed yeild and quality by plant training and spatial arrangment
Evaluation of exotic vegetable varieties for protected housesTo select better performming exotic vegetable varieties prior to commercial importation
Evaluation of plant growth regulatorsTo identify the efficency of different plant growth regulator prior to commercial importation
Morphdogical characterization and agronomic evaluation of capsicum accessions for biotic tolerance and qualitycharacterization, agronomic and quality evaluation and promotion of capsicum accesions
Cucumber variety DevelopmentTo develop new variety and new breeding lines for hybrid development
Bitter gourd variety DevelopmentDevelopment of new breeding variety with importanttraits to pest diseasel resistance and yeild
variety development of brinjalTo develop new brinjal hybrid and open pollinated variety wih farmer consumer, market preferable quality characteristics and to develop variety adaptable to grow on stress conditions
Imported variety evaluation of brinjalTesting the suitability of imported varieties prior to importation for commercial purpose
Variety development of tomatoTo develop new tomato hybrid and open pollinated variety with farmer/consumer market preferable quality characterision and to develop variety adaptable to growing stress conditions
Imported variety evaluation of tomatoTesting the suitability of imported varieties (pest,disease,yeild) prior to importation for commercial purpose
Development of capsicum varieties with high yield and tolerance to BWTo develop high yielding bacterial with tolerance varieties (OPVs/Hybrids)
Development of capsicum varieties tolerance to high temperatureTo develop temperature tolerrance capsicum varieties (OPVs and hybrids)
Development of capsicum varieties tolerance to low soil moisture (drought)To develop drought tolerance capsicum varieties (OPVs and hybrids)
Identification of suitable recommended capsicum varieties suitable for off-season cultivationTo identify suitable capsicum varieties for off-seasonal cultivation
Development of new F1 hybrids/ OP varieties of LuffaTo develop high yeilding F1 hybrids/ OP varieties of Luffa with good quality and wide adaptability
Development of new yard long bean varietiesTo develop high yeilding yard long bean varieties having resistance to collarrot disease and good
Bean varieties developmentTo develop high yeilding bean varieties having good quality and wide adaptability
Development of new okra F1 hybridTo develop high yielding F1 hybrids/ OP varieties with desirable quality
Development of basal root tolerent high yeilding vegetable cowpeaTo develop basal root tolerent vegetable cowpea line / variety
Evaluation of shortage cassava varieties tolerance for biotics abioric stressTo select high yeilding short age cassava variety for release (with biotic and abioric stress tolerence ability)
Collection conservation selection of superior dioscorea accessions, Evaluation of changes in storage conditionsTo collect , conservation and multiplication of the dioscorea accessions and select the most promissing accessions for popularization
Conservation of released varities and production of basic planting materials and production of sweet potato 100000 cattings for the droughtTo conserve the varities

To produce basic planting materials

To overcome the foodstorage at drought conditions
Testing the efficiently of production of kiriala inline cropping with premature. cassava crop for planting material productionTo test the production efficiency of inline Cropping model of kiriala with premature cassava crop may economically more viable the cultivation technology of year round production of cassava planting materials
Development of IPM package for Chill in polytunnelsDevelopment of effective IPM for alternative to chemical pesticides
Pest management of leafy vegetables (Mukunuwenna) by good agricultural practicesIdentification of effective and environmental friendly practices for pest control, plant growth promotion and yeild improvement of mukunuwenna
Development of IPM package for bitter gourd in the fieldDevelopment of effective IPM as an alternative to chemical pesticides
Development of IPM package for gotukola in the fieldDevelopment of effective IPM for alternative to chemical pesticides
Development of integrated strategy for the management of seed borne bacterial diseasesTo identify seed borne bacterial diseases and development of control strategies
Screening of exotic and local germplasm (solanaceas) against bacterial wiltTo identify resistant varieties for bacterial wilt
Screening of fandicides against tomato blightTo identify effective fungicides against Tomato blight
Screening of fungicides against Powdery downy mildewTo identify effective fungicides against powdery and downy mildew
Effect of different soil amendments for suppression for suppression of S.rolfsii in yard long beanTo identify the effect of soil amendments on s.rolfsii
Diversity of Ralstonia solanacearum species causing bacterial wilt and vegetable crops in Sri Lanka
Testing of Exotic potato seeds consigments for quarantine diseaseTo identify the quarantine pathogens infecting exotic potato seeds
Studies on Morphological and Biochemical parameters of brinjal genotypes for resistant against brinjal shoot and fruit borerIdentification of shoot and fruit borerer resistant genotypes | characters incorperate in breeding programs
Identification and Bio integrated based management of cucurbit infeeting melon fruit flies in Sri LankaTo identify cucurbit infesting melon fruit flies in Sri Lanka 

To Understand farmers perception on recommended control method

To increase the efficency of components in IPM package
Improving existing IPM package for the control of bean yellowing due to HORSE grame yellow Mosaie virusTo identify successful IPM package to control Bean Yellowing
Isolation and mass culturing of effective and efficient antaganistic bacteria for the control of major root knaf nemotology melaidogyne spp. On selected vegetable crops in Sri LankaTo isolate and identity locally available antaganistic bacteria,To evaluate antaganistic activity of isolated bacteri, To determine the optimum method to stimulate attachment,To determine the mode of action of identified analogenistic bacteria
Development of an efficient management system for meladogyne spp. Infesting tomato in Sri Lanka (BIPM)Morpho-Biometrical and mmolecular characterization of malaidogyne spp.

Biology and ecological studies of melaidogyne spp.

Pathogenicity and histopathology of melaidagyne spp.

Reaction of melaidagyne spp. On different vareities of tomato,
evaluation of new malecules of nemalicide for the management of root kanf nematodes spp. On Guva and vegetable cultivationTo identify safer nematicides under plant house and field conditions to management of melandogyne spp. On Guava and vegetable
Develop Laboratory nearing technologies for the identified parasitaids and predotors of leaf miners, nealy bugs, aphiob and scale insectTo increase the pest management options available in the organic forming system in Sri Lanka, To develop technologiesnto angmentative release of potential bio confral ofents in contralling of leaf miners nearly bugs aphids and seale insects
Develop test and implement monitoring procedures and practices at site, reginal and national level forTo memtor changes talking place in the biological systems in agriculture lands over long periods and understand the interaction between global warning/climatic change on the biodiversity.
Population dynamics of virus vectors in cucurbitsTo forecast the peak abundance of virus vectors with relation to weather parameters
Toxicity levels of insecticides to major vegetable pests (NARP)To identify the resistance status of insect pests

To modify pest control methods
Baseline assessment of pollination service in three pilot sites (BACC)To detect trade in pollinator populations, Specifically bees over a 3 year period by a survey as a baseline step
Bioefficacy evaluation of insecticides against virus vectors in cucurbitsTo identify effective low toxic insecticides with new modes of action
Implementation of organic standards/participatory guarantee system (ANSOFT)To develop standards and certification system for small scale organic vegetable products
Screening of cucurbit varieties for virus and virus vector resistanceTo identify virus resistant varieties of cucurbits
Testing of push-pull theory aagainst virus vectorsTo identify non chemical insect vector control methods
Charactorization and evaluation of Exotic mango germplasmTo select prommising cultivat, To germplasm for crop improvement
Evaluation of Annona muricate germplasmTo select promissing variety, To germplasm consevation, To used germplasm for future crop improvement programme
Evaluation of Passion fruitTo select promissing variety , consurvation of germplasm
Establishment and maintain of bio-diversity gardenTo conserve fruit germplasm , Modle garden for farmers/students fruit growers  , As a mother plant orchard
Investigation of suitable agronomic practices for root and tuber cropsTo find the effect of spacing of yeild
Investigation of suitable agronomic practices for root and tuber cropsTo identify suitable variety for weligama coconut wilt affected area
Investigation of suitable agronomic practices for root and tuber cropsTo find the methods of fertilizing on yeild
Evaluations of tikiya (Eluchareis acuta) as a composting material for fertility improvement of vegetablesTo study feasibility of use of easily availble green manure for compost
Soil sampling in different depths of sorjan beds to study the temporal variation in soil pH and EcTo study the temporar variation in soil pH and Ec
Evaluation and selection of suitable vegetable and other perennial crops for sorjan cultivation system and poorly drained areas in nilwala gaga flood protecton schemeProductivity improvement of abounded rice lands in Nilwala gaga Flood protection scheme
Time of planting Trial for InnalaTo determine economicaly feasible crops calender for Innala cultivation   

year round production  

Feasibility study of tissue culture plant materials for rear round innala production
Technology development for year round projection of cassava planting material from P. insity cropTo test the fertilizing of year round protectivity of fresh cassava planting material under testing new cultivation technology
Development of rapid multiplication techniques for dioscoreaTo find out rapid multiplication techniques for dioscorea to over come the shortage of planting materials. Increase the planting materials availability, To reduce the use of economic yeild as planting materials
Assenment of soil microbial composition in different aoils with different for my historyTo identify soil microbial functional diversity as affected by different farming practices and to assecs the contribution towards to imrove the soil fertility level
Assessment of nitrogen supplimently ability of selected nitrogen  fixey bacteriainoculur with different rati of chemical nitrogenTo asses the rate of nitrogen supplemently ability of selected nitrogen fixey bacteria inoccukar with capsicum
Assenment of botniacl nitratical inhibilry to improve forhlier nitrogen use efficency in vegetable crop cultivationTo asses botanical nirfied inhibirt to improve forhiligr nitrogen use efficency in vegetable
Studding the minimum tillage effects on soil physical properties and crop yieldSoil moisture conservation , reduction of compaction and energy conservation in crop growing areas
Evaluation of different nuetrient management practices on soil quality parametersEstimation changers of quality paramerets due to nuetrients management
Use of broiler litter bio-char to enhancement soil fertilityImprovement of nutrient refention, water conservation and decease controlled in soil
Testing of performance of special fertilizer omported to the countryTo determine effect of special fertilizer on vegetable
Study on nutrient management under organic farmingTo determine suitable nutrient management package for organic farming
Assessment of rapid bioasiay techniques for determines the neurotoxic pesticide residue in vegetableTo develop rapid bioassay techniques for determining the residue of pesticide
Determination of M and K response on hybrid BrinjalTo develop new fertilizer recommendation for hybrid Brinjal
Determination of M and K response on hybrid capsicumTo develop new fertilizer recommendation for hybrid capsicum
Testing of new fertilizer recommendations of hybrid Luffa in farmer fieldsTo develop new fertilizer recommendations for hybrid Luffa
Determination of bioavailability of Cd in soil from TSP fertilizer on vegetableTo determine bioavailability of cadmium in soil from TSP fertilizer application
Determination of trace metal content and bio accumalation factors in soil and vegetable in up country intermedicale and upcountry zonesTo determine bioaccumulation facor of trace element in soil to plant system
Investigation of influence of application of micro nutrients on vegetablesTo determine effect of application on micronutrient on vegetable yeild